Springleaf Fields

Springleaf Fields is a location that appears in the game Hey You, Pikachu!. This area may be located somewhere in the Kanto region.


Springleaf Fields is the main setting for the "Field Trip" activities and appears in all three of Pikachu's "days". However, the layout of Springleaf Fields changes each time. During Part 1, the setting in is a much smaller area of Springleaf Fields. However, a Charmander can be found on a high hill that is not accessible. During Part 2, the setting appears to take place in a much larger area of Springleaf Fields. There is much more space to run in and Abra's Shop in the shape of a tree can be found here. During Part 3, the setting appears to be a deeper area of Springleaf Fields. There are two peach trees that have four delicious peaches on each tree and numerous of swirling flowers that can make Pikachu dizzy if the player keeps talking.

Springleaf Fields is an excellent area to collect items such as raspberries and sunflowers to add to the Pika amount at the end. Springleaf Fields during Pikachu's Play Days is considered the preferred one to play at thanks to Abra's Shop being located out in the open. Once all the 5 Oddishs evolve to Gloom and then Vileplume, they will give you a topaz just after sundown.


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