Sprayduck is a Key Item in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum shaped in the likeness of a Psyduck. Exclusive to the Sinnoh region games, the Sprayduck is used to water Berries planted in the ground in order to produce more berries. It is similar in proportion and function to the Wailmer Pail of the Hoenn region. The effect of the Sprayduck can be enhanced through the use of Loamy soil and Mulch purchased from the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop.


  • DPPt/HGSS - A watering can shaped like a PSYDUCK. It helps promote healthy growth of Berries planted in soft soil.
  • BW - A watering can shaped like a Psyduck. It helps promote healthy growth of Berries planted in soft soil.


It is located in the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop at Floaroma Town, and is given to the Player for free by the sales attendant. Similar in principle to the Wailmer Pail, the Sprayduck serves its purpose as a watering can, in which it can be used in conjunction with fertilisers such as Mulch. The Mulch can increase the growth time of a Berry once it is watered by the Sprayduck. The Sprayduck also has the capability to water more than one Berry at a time if there is more than one berry planted in the soil.


Sprayduck Anime

The Sprayduck as shown in episode 25 of the Diamond and Pearl saga.

In Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan, the Sprayduck is seen being used by Forsythia in her home to water her plants. However, it is not shown to have the same properties as the game counterpart, and can be ascertained that it is just a regular water pail.


  • The Sprayduck replaces the Wailmer Pail as the watering item.
    • The Wailmer Pail actually replaced the Squirtbottle before the Sprayduck replaced it.

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