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Sport Ball
Sport Ball
Buy: Poké Dollar 0/Can't buy
Sell: Poké Dollar 0/Can't sell
First Appearance: Generation II
Catch Rate: 1.5x
Sport ball

In the anime

The Sport Ball (Japanese: レベルボール, Level Ball) is a type of Poké Ball exclusive to National Park's Bug Catching Contest. It is as effective as a standard Poké Ball. When entering the contest, the player is given a set of twenty Sport Balls. In HeartGold and SoulSilver the ball is redesigned to look like a regular Poké Ball with an additional "Eye" at the top.


  • The Sport Ball is similar to the Safari Ball and the Park Ball as all are used exclusively in their respective parks to capture pokemon.
  • Unlike the Safari and Park Balls, Sport Balls can only catch and contain bug (and bug-dual type) pokemon as their are only used (legitimately) in the Bug Catching Contest (in which bug pokemon can only be caught).
Depending which game you have, (HG/SS) you can catch pokemon that say "AREA UNKOWN".
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