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Spikey-eared Pichu

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Spikey-eared Pichu
ギザみみピチュー Gizamimi Pichu
Trainer: Damos
Gender: Female
Ability: Unknown
Debut: Arceus and the Jewel of Life
Current location: Michina Town
Evolved: Does not evolve
Spikey-eared Pichu (ギザみみピチュー Gizamimi Pichu) is a female Pichu from the past that was bought to our time by Celebi's time traveling powers. She first appeared in Arceus and the Jewel of Life. She also appeared in Get Fired up, Spikey-Eared Pichu!, the fourth ending song of the Diamond & Pearl series. It loves Grepa Berries. Its name in Japanese means Notch-eared Pichu.

It is set to reappear in the Pikachu short airing with the 15th Pokémon movie.

Known Moves

Move Episode
No Image
Thunder Shock Arceus and the Jewel of Life
Iron Tail Arceus and the Jewel of Life
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

HeartGold and SoulSilver

She appears in HeartGold and SoulSilver. If you have a Shiny Pichu, it will come. From January 30 to February 14th 2010 you could download a special Shiny Pichu at a GameStop in the U.S. Its moves are Volt Tackle, Charm, Encore and Spark. Besides being a different color, it unlocks a special Spikey Eared Pichu when you trade it into Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. However, the Spiky Eared Pichu can't evolve like other Pichu.


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