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==Game Locations==
==Game Locations==
In [[Generation II]], it can be given out by the one of the seven siblings of Johto in a certain day of the week.
*{{GSC}} - '''Johto''': [[Blackthorn City]] (''Santos, Saturday only'')
*{{RSE}} - [[Mt. Pyre]]
In [[Generation III]], it can be found being held by wild Shuppet.
*{{DP}} - Route 217
*{{PL}} - Route 217, Lost Tower
In ''[[Pokémon Diamond|Diamond]]'', ''[[Pokémon Pearl|Pearl]]'' and ''[[Pokémon Platinum|Platinum]]'' it can be found in the [[Lost Tower]] on Route 209.
*{{HGSS}} - '''Kanto''': [[Celadon City]]
*{{BW}} - Celestial Tower
*{{B2W2}} - Lentimas Town, Strange House

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Spell Tag DW

A Spell Tag is an item that raises the power of Ghost-type moves.

Game Locations

- Johto: Blackthorn City (Santos, Saturday only)
- Mt. Pyre
- Route 217
- Kanto: Celadon City
- Celestial Tower
- Lentimas Town, Strange House
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