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Today's "Oh My Gosh" (Japanese: ほんじつのきゃー Today's "Kyaa") is the third special episode in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, unlocked after clearing Crystal Crossing. In this episode, the player gets to play as the guild member Sunflora on her own mission to apprehended the "Invincible Haunter" in Spring Cave.


One day, Magnezone comes to the guild to assign one of the guild members a job to catch a villain known as Haunter. Since everyone else is busy, Sunflora is left as the only one to take the job.

Soon, Sunflorn sets out to Spring Cave and defeats Haunter, though it revives itself, so Sunflora must continue to chase it. She accepts the fact that Haunter is immortal, but continues to chase it through Upper Spring Cave. Soon, she discovers there are actually three Haunters. When the Haunters brings Fire-type Pokémon to help defeat Sunflora, another guild member, Loudred, comes to her aid. They are then able to defeat the Haunters and Fire-types, who are then apprehended.

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