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Igglybuff The Prodigy (Japanese: てんさいププリン Genius Pupurin) is the second special episode in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. Igglybuff The Prodigy tells the story of Guild Master Wigglytuff and his childhood. You get to play as his first evolution, Igglybuff and a several other Pokémon. You can play this episode after chapter 9 in the main story.

Dungeon Information

Igglybuff is level 17, Banette is level 15, and Skorupi is level 15, and Armaldo is level 28. The main dungeon is Dark Forest.


Chatot brings Wigglytuff an apple one night, and Wigglytuff shows Chatot a Guard Orb, and Chatot still doesn't understand why Wigglytuff always carries it around with him, so Wigglytuff tell the story of how he got his Guard Orb.

When Wigglytuff was still an Igglybuff, he lived with his parents, two Wigglytuffs. One day, he went to hang out with his friends, Smoochum, Budew, and Wooper, when suddenly, two Pokémon, Skorupi and Banette, interrupted them. Out of everyone, Igglybuff is the only one who stayed calm. Banette and Skorupi trick Igglybuff into exploring Dark Forest with them, then the three go off and explore.

Later, Skorupi and Banette ditch Igglybuff in fear and Wigglytuff is left by himself in Dark Forest, though Igglybuff manages to make friends with an Armaldo, and explores with Armaldo next. Igglybuff found a map of Armaldo's and figured out how to read it. It is a map of a Dungeon called Eastern Cave, so Igglybuff and Armaldfo go off and explore it.

They found a Guard Orb at the end of the Dungeon and Armaldo keeps it. Armaldo treats Igglybuff like a student, and teaches him how to explore.

As time goes by, Wigglytuff's parents get very worried and realize Igglybuff has gone missing. Nidoking agrees to lead Igglybuff's parent's to Dark Cave, but Igglybuff is exploring another Dungeon. When Nidoking finds Igglybuff and Armaldo, Nidoking reveals that Armaldo is actually a Crimanal and needs to be arrested. When Magnezone and Magnemite arrest him, Igglybuff won't believe it until Armaldo comes clean to Igglybuff and tells himhe is a crimanal.

Armaldo says good bye to Igglybuff and thanks him for all the good times they had together and then gives him the guard orb. Igglybuff cries as he watches Armaldo being taken away.

And that is why Wigglytuff still carries his Guard Orb today, in honor of his friend, Armaldo.

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