Bidoof's Wish

Bidoof's Wish (Japanese: ビッパのねがいごと Bippa's Wish) is the first special episode in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. In this episode, the player gets to play as the guild member Bidoof. You can play it after chapter 3 in the main story (Sky version only).

Dungeon Information

Star Cave has 15 floors in the special episode. Bidoof is level 10 and Snover is level 22 in the Dungeon.


This episode begins with Bidoof saying goodbye to his family and then leaving his home to train at the guild.

One day, he is at the Kecleon shop and he meets a Snover. Snover gives him an old map before he leaves the shop. Then, a Gligar and a Bagon start chasing Snover. When Bidoof looks at the map, he sees that it is a map of the dungeon, Star Cave. Chatot tells Bidoof that the legndary Pokémon, Jirachi, sleeps there. Bidoof decides he wants to go to the dungeon and make a wish. Snover comes to the guild and says he'll team up with Bidoof, and so they head off to Star Cave.

Later in the dungeon, Gligar and Bagon appear. Snover turns against Bidoof, and Gligar, Snover, and Bagon try to rob Bidoof of his $7,000 dollar life savings. They have a Pokémon battle and when Bidoof gives up, the guild comes to help Bidoof and defeat the thieves.

Once the guild defeats Bagon, Gligar, and Snover. The guild Wigglytuff helps Bidoof open up the hidden part of Star Cave so Bidoof can battle Jirachi. Bidoof wins and then thinks about what wish he will make. At first he was going to wish for strength, but then he wishes for new friends, which turns out to be you and your partner in the regular game.

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