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Forum:2011 VideoForum:6000 articlesForum:A New Namespace
Forum:Ability obtaining in sectionsForum:About the Wi-Fi RoomForum:About the logo's font...
Forum:Absol evolutionForum:Achievements turned onForum:Achievements vote
Forum:Adding a New Section to the Main PageForum:Adminship ExceptionsForum:Affiliation
Forum:Affiliation with BombermanForum:Affiliation with Video Game WikiForum:Affiliations
Forum:Anime Episode Links/File Sharing IssueForum:Another problemForum:Aricle Comments
Forum:Article management templatesForum:B/W few questionsForum:Backgrounds, Forums, Emotes... Oh my!
Forum:Badge ShuffleForum:Banned UsersForum:Bot Request
Forum:Bot cleanupForum:Bot requestForum:CHAT
Forum:COPPAForum:CSS?Forum:Can Smeargle learn these moves?
Forum:Category:Item? or a link?Forum:Changing Copyright status on picturesForum:Changing the site name
Forum:Chart ImprovementForum:Chat Edit RuleForum:Clarification
Forum:CurseForum:Deleting a few pagesForum:EVs and IVs Which one makes all the difference
Forum:E with an accent?Forum:Edit's resetForum:Episode Articles 101
Forum:Episode Guide Restructured, againForum:Episode GuidelinesForum:Episode pages
Forum:Expanded Category OptionForum:Extension EnabledForum:FOB future
Forum:Fairy Types are an awful ideaForum:Featured templates on Pokémon Wiki/Page 2Forum:Festival of Battles
Forum:Festival of Battles, Part 2Forum:Foreign language Pokémon wikisForum:Forums?
Forum:From which episode this fragment??Forum:Glaceon glitch?Forum:Group Identy Tags
Forum:Help WantedForum:Help deskForum:Highlights
Forum:Home page promotionForum:How can i be allowed in the chatroomForum:I changed batteries in my 2003 Tomy/Hasbro Pokedex Advance and now it won't turn on.
Forum:I have a question, can someone please help?Forum:I need help finding KyruemForum:I traded up a scyther to my pearl can i evolve it to sizor
Forum:Im searching for a song in a pkemon VHSForum:IndexForum:Iris is a MegaMawile?
Forum:Is it oka if I use these templates for my wikia?Forum:Japanese in articlesForum:Keldeo has now become official!
Forum:LanguagesForum:Level up guideForum:Lifting a Ban
Forum:List of templatesForum:Locking articlesForum:Main page
Forum:Manual of style for chart?Forum:MapsForum:Marriland
Forum:MediaForum:Merging Tiny Pages?Forum:Message Walls and Article Comments
Forum:Move ConfusionForum:Move Infobox updateForum:Move List Construction
Forum:Moveset templatesForum:Moving the WikiForum:Mt.Silver
Forum:New AdministratorForum:New ArticlesForum:New Bot
Forum:New EditorForum:New Moveset TemplateForum:New Namespace - SiteRun Walkthroughs
Forum:New Sidebar Element Being TestedForum:New Trainer Template (for Different Multiple VS. Artwork on X and Y)Forum:New Visual Editor
Forum:New backgroundForum:New category (for entertainment)Forum:New game
Forum:New ideaForum:News SectionForum:No Dragalge Episode Article Ever!
Forum:No Fairy for Gen I-VForum:No HG SS pages?Forum:ORAS pokerus
Forum:ORAS redesignForum:Other Three ScientistsForum:Pancham's Popularity
Forum:Personal CSSForum:Pics not replaced?Forum:Platinum and buck keeps following me
Forum:PlayQuizForum:PokePowerForum:PokePower Namespace
Forum:PokePower and User Rights UserboxesForum:PokeUnion: Casual Pokemon CommunityForum:Pokemon.wikia/bulbapedia
Forum:Pokemon Black and White 2: 5 Things You Should Know / ComparisonsForum:Pokemon Black and White 2 Review RoundupForum:Pokemon Explorer of Sky
Forum:Pokemon Podcast?.....Forum:Pokemon Save Data Can Not Be Found IssuesForum:Pokemon Team Suggestions for SuperMaractus
Forum:Pokemon Teams UpdateForum:Pokemon Wiki in Other LanguagesForum:Pokemon X & Y
Forum:Pokemon leaf green game helpForum:PokéBox restructuringForum:Pokébox talk 2
Forum:Pokémon Black and WhiteForum:Pokémon Disambiguation RedirectForum:Pokémon Techniques
Forum:Pokémon Wiki Gets More SocialForum:Pokémon of each region categoriesForum:Porygon-Z
Forum:Possible move from WikiaForum:Preventing Wikia Contributors from editing or creating pagesForum:Protesting SOPA/PIPA
Forum:Rate this!Forum:Red linksForum:Redoing the homepage?
Forum:Reinstating Emotions on ChatForum:Related videos module coming soonForum:Rename of Projects
Forum:Renaming episode articles.Forum:Reorganizing Pokémon pagesForum:Replacing PokePower Project Leaders
Forum:Request for IRC FounderForum:Request to Disable BadgesForum:Request to Remove Blogs
Forum:Request to use your pages and information for the new pokemonindiaForum:Reviving PokePower Meetings
Forum:Rich Text Editor - Requesting it to be disabledForum:Role Play WikiForum:SEO Optimization for Image Galleries
Forum:Sea Spirit's Den & lugiaForum:Separate moveset into pagesForum:Shining Pokemon
Forum:Site MascotsForum:Special PokemonForum:Spotlight quiz
Forum:StealingForum:Stealing from BulbapediaForum:Stub banner placement
Forum:Support VotesForum:Team helpForum:Template work
Forum:TemplatesForum:Templates How ToForum:Testing Help Desk
Forum:The MergeForum:The New Wikia EditorForum:The perfect Pokemon?
Forum:Timing on User RightsForum:Train This PokemonForum:Training a Zoroark in black
Forum:Twitch Plays PokemonForum:UnbanningForum:Unbanning of Technology Wizard
Forum:Upcoming Policy ChangesForum:Uploading 300+ filesForum:User Image Policy
Forum:User Keeps Deleting PagesForum:User RightsForum:Userbox template request?
Forum:Vote for new backgroundForum:Vote for new wordmark
Forum:Walkthrough ProjectForum:WatercoolerForum:Welcome to the Request Booth
Forum:Welcome to the Tutorial ForumsForum:What's New with Pokémon Wiki?Forum:What's Your Pokemon Team?
Forum:What happened?Forum:What happened to Visual and SourceForum:What if there was a Mega Pikachu?
Forum:What kinds of deviations?Forum:When creating an EpisodeForum:When does the omega ruby alpha sapphire demo code expire?
Forum:Where can i find the hm waterfall in the pokemon black game?Forum:Which move template is right?Forum:Who would win this battle?
Forum:Wifi Gyms?Forum:Wikia's Masters of Animanga ProjectForum:Wikia's proposed backgrounds
Forum:Wikia Gaming AllianceForum:Wikia TimerForum:Wikianswers Help request
Forum:Wonder GuardForum:Wrapping up the YearForum:Xerneas

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