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'M to A Meditite Fight!
A Meteoric Rise to Excellence to Archeops In The Modern World!
Archeos to BW042
BW042: Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia! to Battle Park
Battle Park owner to Bright Powder
Bright powder to Cerulean City Gym
Cerulean Gym to Conway's Shuckle
Conway's Slowking to DP093
DP093: Playing The Leveling Field! to Decamark
Decolore Islands to Durant
Durin Berry to Exploud
Extrasensory to Full Heal
Full Incense to Gorebyss
Gorgeous Ribbon to Herbivore
Herdier to IL061
IL061: The Misty Mermaid to JE050
JE050: Two Hits and a Miss to Jimmy's Charmeleon
Jimmy's Ivysaur to Kenny (Hoenn)
Kenny (Hoenn Gym Assistant) to Lickilicky
Lickitung to Macy
Macy's Electabuzz to Mega Blastoise
Mega Blaziken to Mitchell (DP148)
Mitsuhide to Newmoon island
Newton's Shieldon to Oralie
Oralie's Magikarp to Pierre
Pietra to Poké Kid
Poké Mart to Pokémon Red & Blue Version
Pokémon Red & Green Version to Queen Rin
Queen of the Mirage Kingdom to Rico's Fearow
Rico's Tyranitar to Safari Zone (Johto)
Safari Zone (Kanto) to Sheridan's Shroomish
Sheridan's Vileplume to Sonny Dey
Sonrisa to TM
TM01 to The Double Trouble Header
The Dragon Master's Path! to Trixie's Marill
Trixie's Pidgey to Volkner's Electivire
Volkner's Jolteon to XY034: The Bonds of Mega Evolution!
XY035 to Postpone

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