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'M to A Maractus Musical!
A Meditite Fight! to Apricorn
Apricorn Box to BW035: Facing Fear With Eyes Wide Open!
BW036 to Battle Resort
Battle Royale to Braviary (BW116)
Brawly to Captain's Gastly
Captain's Haunter to Clair's Kingdra
Clair (Adventures) to Cyrus
Cyrus' Gyarados to DP164
DP164: Piplup, Up and Away! to Dire hit
Dirk to Egan's Flareon
Egan's Magcargo to Feebas
Feefee to GS Ball
GTS to Gorm
Got Miltank? to Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition
Hearthome Collection Contest to IL044: The Problem with Paras
IL045 to JE039: Forest Grumps
JE040 to Jessie's Gourgeist
Jessie's Koromori to Katie (Kanto)
Kato to Latios (Adventures)
Latios (MS005) to Luka's Magikarp
Luka's great-grandfather to Mariah (Kanto)
Marian to Mewtwo
Mewtwo's Creators to Mother of All Battles
Mothim to Nobunaga's Ambition + Pokémon
Nobutoshi Canna to Our Cup Runneth Over!
Outcast Island to Pin Missile
Pinap Berry to Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12
Pokémon Adventures: Volume 13 to Pokémon Types
Pokémon Typing Adventure to Quick Feet
Quick Guard to Repeat Ball
Repel to Roxanne's Nosepass
Roxanne (Adventures) to Serena
Serena's Braixen to Skuntank
Sky Attack to Sticky Hold
Sticky Web to Tangled Feet
Tangrowth to Tierno (anime)
Tierra to Unova Pokédex
Unova Pokédex/version to Wattson (Adventures)
Wattson (anime) to XY072
XY072: Scary Hospitality! to Postpone

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