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'M to A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!
A Mudkip Mission to Archie's Kyogre
Arcky to BW043: The Club Battle Hearts of Fury, Emolga Versus Sawk!
BW044 to Battle Park owner's Blastoise
Battle Park owner's Charizard to Brit Herring
Brittany to Challenge Rock
Challenge of the Samurai to Corey
Corey's father to DP100: Aiding the Enemy!
DP101 to Defeatist
Defend Order to DynamicPunch
Dynamic Punch to Fairy Legendary Pokémon
Fairy Lock to Fuuro
GENERATION V to Gracidea Flower
Gracidea flower to Hippopotas
Hippopotas (anime) to IV
I Don't Want to Say Goodbye to JE073
JE073: Freeze Frame to Johto Route 33
Johto Route 34 to Kincaid
Kind of routes to Lisa (Kalos)
Lisa (Movie) to Magoichi
Magost Berry to Melanie
Melissa to Morimoto
Morishima to Nobutoshi Canna
Nobuyuki Hiyama to PC011: Oaknapped!
PC012 to PoisonPowder
Poison Barb to Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17
Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18 to Pokémon the Series: X & Y
Pokémon trainer to Rainer's Vaporeon
Rainy Orb to Rocky Orb
Roderick to Sazanami Bay
Sazanami Town to Silver's Pokémon Teams (HG/SS)
Silver's Pokémon Teams (HeartGold/SoulSilver) to Staging a Heroes Welcome
Stairs Orb to Tadakatsu
Tadpole Pond to Thunderwave Cave
Thundurus to Unova Route 4
Unova Route 5 to Whismur
White to Zinc
Zinzolin to Postpone

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