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'M to A Maractus Musical!
A Meditite Fight! to Aqua Cassette
Aqua Hideout to BW038: Where Did You Go, Audino?
BW039 to Battle Park owner's Venusaur
Battle Pike to Brendan's Rhyperior
Brendan's Sceptile to Cara
Carbernet to Clay (anime)
Clay Road to DP009
DP009: Setting The World On Its Buneary! to DP182
DP182: An Old Family Blend! to Dome Ace Tucker
Dome Ace Tucker (Adventures) to Elise's Espurr
Elita to Finneon
Fiore to Gardevoirite
Garret to Grass Pledge
Grass Pokémon to Hi Jump Kick
Hia Valley to IL063: The Battle Of The Badge
IL063: The Battle of the Badge to JE058
JE058: Imitation Confrontation to Job Items
Joe to Keldeo (MS015)
Kelly to Leaf Stone
Leaf Storm to Lyra's Girafarig
Lyra's Marill to Marshal's Conkeldurr
Marshal's Mienshao to Miles
Miles' Marowak to Mr. Pokémon
Mr. Saridakis to Nurse Joy's Chansey
Nurse Joy's Combusken to PC022: Trouble in Big Town
PC023 to Poison Barb
Poison Extract to Pokémon Black and White
Pokémon Black and White (game) to Pomeg Berry
Pomeg Berry Glitch to Radley
Radley's Braviary to Roaming Pokemon
Roaming Pokémon to Saizo's Barbaracle
Saizō to Shellder
Shellos to Solaceon Ruins
Solaceon Town to Surskit
Survival Area to Temporal Tower
Ten'i Village to Tracey Sketchit
Trackless Forest to Vice Grip
Vicious to Wish Palace
Wish Park to Yūko Mita
Yūto to Postpone

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