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'M to A Maractus Musical!
A Meditite Fight! to Aqua Jet
Aqua Monica to BW040
BW040: Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight... to Battle Pyramid
Battle Region to Brendan (game)
Brian Maillard to Carl
Carl's Gallade to Clear Body
Clear Skies to DP015: Shapes of Things to Come!
DP016 to DP188: Battling a Thaw in Relations!
DP189: The Semi-Final Frontier! to Donamite
Donamite Tournament to Ellie's Espurr
Ellie's Mareep to Fire type
Firebreather to Gary's Rhydon
Gary's Scizor to Green's Articuno
Green's Blastoise to Hilda
Hilda's Battle Subway Pokémon to IL073
IL073: Bad To The Bone to JE068
JE068: All That Glitters! to Johto
Johto - Kanto Route 26 to Kenny's Alakazam
Kenny's Breloom to Legendary Beasts (MS013)
Legendary Birds to MS003: Pokémon The Movie 3 - The Spell of the Unknown
MS003: Pokémon The Movie 3 - The Spell of the Unown to Masaomi's Throh
Masatoshi Hamada to Mimi (Pokémon)
Mimi (Unova) to Mt. Blaze
Mt. Bristle to Nyosuka
to PO004: File 4 - Charizard
PP to Poke Radar
Poke Transporter to Pokémon Crystal
Pokémon Crystal Version to Power Anklet
Power Band to Ralph's Houndour
Ralph (Johto) to Rock Head
Rock Incense to Sand
Sand-Attack to Shikimi
Shimajio to Soren's Buizel
SoulSilver to Sword Of Mystery
Sword of the Vale to The Band of Thieves & 1000 Pokémon
The Battle According to Lenora to Travis' Pikachu
Trawl Orb to Viola
Viola's Surskit to Wylie
Wylie's Delphox to Zinzolin (Adventures)
Zippo to Postpone

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