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'M to A Maractus Musical!
A Meditite Fight! to Apricorn
Apricorn Box to BW036
BW036: Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster! to Battle Resort
Battle Royale to Braviary (BW116)
Brawly to Captain's Gastly
Captain's Haunter to Clair's Kingdra
Clair (Adventures) to Cyrus' Gyarados
Cyrus' Honchkrow to DP164: Piplup, Up and Away!
DP165 to Dirk
Dirk's Escavalier to Egan's Magcargo
Egg to Feebas
Feefee to GS Ball
GTS to Gorm
Got Miltank? to Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition
Hearthome Collection Contest to IL044: The Problem with Paras
IL045 to JE039: Forest Grumps
JE040 to Jessie's Gourgeist
Jessie's Koromori to Katie (Kanto)
Kato to Latios (MS005)
Latios (MS018) to Luka's great-grandfather
Luka Carson to Marie
Marie's grandfather to Mewtwo's Pikachu
Mewtwo (Adventures) to Motoko Kumai
Motonari to Noctowl
Noelle to Outskirt Stand
Oval Stone to Pink Nidoking
Pink Rhyhorn to Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17
Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18 to Pokémon White 2
Pokémon Wiki to Quick claw
Quicksand Cave to Reshiram (MS014)
Reshiram (MS018) to Roxie (anime)
Royal Ribbon to Serene Sea
Sergio to Sky Stairway
Sky Tower to Stopwatch
Storage Key to Taramind Island
Tasuki's Emboar to Time Ripple
Timer Ball to Unova Route 17
Unova Route 18 to Weak Armor
Wealthy Coin to XY079
XY080 to Postpone

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