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'M to A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!
A Mudkip Mission to Arata
Arata's Solosis to BW048
BW048: Beartic Mountain Feud! to Bead Mail
Bean to Brock's Marshtomp
Brock's Onix to Cassidy's Granbull
Cassidy's Houndour to Cobalion (MS015)
Cobalon to DP050: Tag! We're It...!
DP051: Glory Blaze to Damon's Sigilyph
Damos to Dr. White's Wobbuffet
Dr. Wiseman to Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!
Enter Iris and Axew to Flower Zone
Fluffy to Get the show on the road
Gettin' Twiggy With It! to Gyarados
Gyarados' Aqua Dash to Hold Back
Hold Hands to Ingo
Ingo's Chandelure to JE119: Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution
JE120 to Jupiter's Crobat
Jupiter's Sableye to Koga's Muk
Koga's Rhydon to List of Settlements
List of Stage 1 Pokemon to Maid
Maika to Mega Latias
Mega Latios to Mitsuru Ogata
Mix Pokémon to Needle Arm
Neesha to Olivine City
Olivine City Gym to Pewter City
Pewter City Gym to Pokédex 3D
Pokédex 3D Pro to Pokémon Red and Green Version
Pokémon Ruby to Pyramid King Brandon (Adventures)
Pyrite Cave to Rhoda
Rhoda's Sneasel to Russet
Russet's Eelektross to Shadow Triad's Lilligant
Shadow Triad (Adventures) to Smeargle
SmellingSalt to Sumomo's Vaporeon
Sun Ribbon to Team Rocket Mottos
Team Rocket Tower to Totodile
Totter Orb to Vernal Avenue
Verona to Wise Glasses
Wish to Zekrom (anime)
Zeller to Postpone

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