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'M to A Bout With Sprout
A Breed Stampede! to Arena Trap
Arena Tycoon Greta to BW050
BW050: Battle For The Underground to Bead Mail
Beartic to Bubble
BubbleBeam to Chikorita's Big Upset
Chikorita (Team Go-Getters) to Cyclist
Cyclist (Trainer Class) to DP150
DP150: Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! to Ditto 2
Ditto Egg Group to Emi
Emily to Flower Shield
Flower Veil to Giovanni
Giovanni's Cloyster to Harrison's Blaziken
Harrison's Houndoom to IL025
IL025: Primeape Goes Bananas to JE021
JE021: Foul Weather Friends to Janovy
Japanese Voice Actors to Kenny (Sinnoh)
Kenshin to Lisa's Mankey
Lisa's Quagsire to Makomo
Makuhita to Miki's Skarmory
Mild 'n Wolly to N's Pokémon
N (Adventures) to Officer Jenny's Wobbuffet
Oichi to Petalburg Woods
Petalburgh City Gym to Pokemon diamond
Pokemon emerald to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorer of Darkness & Time Special Ep...
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky - Beyond Time & Darkness to Purin
Purotoga to Rizzo's Jellicent (female)
Rizzo's Jellicent (male) to Santalune Forest
Sanyou City to Silver's Chikorita
Silver's Pokemon Teams (Gold/Silver) to Stall
Stan Hart to Tall Grass
Tall grass to Tobio
Toby to Vanilluxe
Vanipeti to Wobbufett
Wobbuffet to Postpone

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