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'M to A Maractus Musical!
A Meditite Fight! to ApriJuice
Apricorn to BW033
BW033: A UFO for Elgyem! to Battle Park owner's Blastoise
Battle Park owner's Charizard to Braviary
Braviary (BW116) to Captain
Captain's Gastly to Clair's Gyarados
Clair's Kingdra to Cynthia (Adventures)
Cynthia (DPA) to DP162: Playing the Performance Encore!
DP163 to Dino's Deerling
Dino's Druddigon to Egan's Magcargo
Egg to Feather Badge
Feather Dance to GS019: Ampharos Amore
GS020: Piloswine Whine to Goomy
Goone to Healing Heart
Healing Items to IL031: Dig Those Diglett!
IL032 to JE025: Good 'Quil Hunting
JE026 to Jeannie
Jeannie's Voltorb to Karena (Kalos)
Karl to Lanette
Langley to Lucas (game)
Lucian to Marc Diraison
Marc Thompson to Meowth (anime)
Meowth Rules! to Morgan (Decolore Islands)
Morgan (Hoenn) to Niko
Nikola to Oreburgh City Gym
Oreburgh Gate to Pickup
Picnicker to Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors
Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys to Pokémon Sky Relay
Pokémon Snap to Pupitar
Pure Incense to Relic Silver
Relic Song to Route 42
Route 43 to Sebastian (Sinnoh)
SecretPotion to Sinnoh Route 230
Sinnoh Sound to Steel Pokémon
Steel Wing to Tag battle
Tail Glow to Three Island
Three Isle Path to Ukulele Pichu
Ultima to Warp Orb
Wartortle to XY050: Pathways to Performance Partnering!
XY051 to Postpone

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