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'M to A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!
A Mudkip Mission to Archeops In The Modern World!
Archeos to BW044: Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome!
BW045 to Battle Royale
Battle Subway to Brine
Brine Cave to Celadon Game Corner
Celadon Gym to Connally
Connecting Cave to DP083: A Crasher Course in Power!
DP084 to Dawn's Early Night!
Dawn's Mamoswine to Drive
Drives to Evil Togepi
Eviolite to Friend Safari Zone
Friend Zone to Glitter Powder
Glittering Cave to Hatoopoo
Haunter to IL020: The Ghost of Maiden's Peak
IL021 to JE008: Snubbull Snobbery
JE009 to James' Weezing
James' Yamask to Kanto Route 9
Kanto Safari Zone to Langley
Langley's Beartic to Lumi Cab
Lumineon to Marshal
Marshtomp to Mineral Egg Group
Minezumi to Muddy Water
Mudkip to OI016: Tracey Gets Bugged
OI017 to Palm Hills
Palmer to Pokemon IVs
Pokemon Johto to Pokémon Double Trouble
Pokémon Dream Radar to Prima
Prima's Cloyster to Rebecca (Kanto)
Rebecca (MS007) to Round Charm
Round One - Begin! to Seafoam Islands
Seafoam Islands Gym to Sinnoh Mythology
Sinnoh Pokedex to Status effect
Status effects to Take Down
Takeda to Thunder Bolt
Thunder Fang to Unova Pokémon League
Unova Route 1 to Wes
Western Cave to Yabukuron
Yache Berry to Postpone

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