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'M to A Maractus Musical!
A Meditite Fight! to ApriJuice
Apricorn to BW030: The Dragon Master's Path!
BW031 to Battle Park
Battle Park owner to Brandon's Solrock
Brass Tower to Candice (Adventures)
Candice (DPA) to Citadark Isle
Citroid to Cynthia's Garchomp
Cynthia's Gastrodon to DP160: A Marathon Rivarly!
DP161 to Dilbert
Dimensional Hole to Eevee and Friends
Eeveelution to Favored Mail
Fearow to GS021: Tyranitar War
GS022: Raise the Red Gyarados to Gordor
Gorebyss to Heart Scale
Heart Stamp to IL042: Showdown at Dark City
IL043 to JE039
JE039: Forest Grumps to Jessie's Frillish
Jessie's Gourgeist to Katie's Scizor
Katie's Venomoth to Latiasite
Latiken to Lugia (anime)
Luis to Maria (Sinnoh)
Maria Kawamura to Metronome (item)
Mew to Morty (Adventures)
Morty (anime) to Nixtorm
No000 to Oscar
Oscar's Nidoking to Pikachu's Jukebox
Pikachu's PikaBoo to Pokémon - I Choose You!
Pokémon 2: The Power Of One to Pokémon Trading Card Game (GB)
Pokémon Trading Card Game (Video Game) to Quagsire
Quagsire (JE011) to Region
Regions to Route 30
Route 31 to Season 7: Pokémon Advanced Challenge
Season 8: Pokémon Advanced: Battle to Sinnoh Sound
Sinnoh Underground to Steel Mail
Steel Pokémon to Tail Glow
Tail Slap to Thunder
ThunderPunch to Ultimo
Ultimo's Crustle to Water Float
Water Gem to XY055
XY055: A Slippery Encounter! to Postpone

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