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'M to A Meteoric Rise to Excellence
A Meteoric Rise to Excellence! to Archeos
Archer to BW044
BW044: The Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome! to Battle Pike
Battle Points to Brock
Brock's Bonsly to Challenge of the Samurai
Challenger's Cave to Copycat
Copycat (move) to DP097: Double Team Turnover
DP097: Double Team Turnover! to Dedenne
Dee Dunstan to Dusknoir (Character)
Dusknoir (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon) to Extreme Speed
Extremespeed to Fumihiko Tachiki
Fur Coat to Goone's Ninjask
Goone's Scizor to Heavy Bomber
Heavy Metal to IL053: The Purr-fect Hero
IL054 to JE042: A Goldenrod Opportunity
JE043 to Jessie's Shellder
Jessie's Wobbuffet to Keith
Keith's Farfetch'd to Legendary beasts
Legendarys to MS014: Pokémon The Movie - Black: Victini and Reshiram / White: Vi...
MS014: Pokémon The Movie - Black: Victini and Reshiram and White: ... to Maya (Sinnoh)
Maya Rosewood to Mischievous Heart
Misdreavus to Nario
Narissa to Officer Jenny's Stunky
Officer Jenny's Swanna to Peroriimu
Perr to Pokemon Yellow Version
Pokemon breeder to Pokémon Manga
Pokémon Mansion to Proprietor's Houndoom
Props to Reiji
Reiji's Elgyem to Route 5
Route 6 to Shadow Ball
Shadow Blast to Slowking (MS002)
Slowpoke to Summer Academy's Monferno
Summer Academy's Onix to Team Rocket's Venomoth
Team Rocket (TCG) to Tory
Tory Lund to Verona
Verona's Bellsprout to Wobbufet Pop
Wobbufett to
Postpone to Postpone

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