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'M to A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!
A Mudkip Mission to Archeos
Archer to BW041: Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!
BW041: Reunion Battles in Nimbasa! to Battle Girl
Battle Hall to Brigette
Bright to Cerulean Cave
Cerulean City to Conway's Slowking
Cook to DP093: Playing The Leveling Field!
DP094 to Decolore Islands
Decolore Pirates to Dusclops
Dusk Ball to Extreme Risk
Extreme Speed to Fumihiko Tachiki
Fur Coat to Goronda
Goruguu to Hi Ho Silver... Away!
Hi Jump Kick to IL069: Lights, Camera, Quack-tion
IL070 to JE059: The Trouble With Snubbull
JE060 to Joe's Weepinbell
Joe (Kanto) to Kerudio
Keruido to Lilian's Espeon
Lilian Meridian to Magic
Magic Bounce to Mega Gyarados
Mega Heracross to Molly's Mantine
Molly's Phanpy to Nidoran♀/Learnset Generation I
Nidoran♀/Learnset Generation III to Oscar (Unova)
Oshawott to Pinwheel Forest
Piplup to Pokémon: Battle Frontier
Pokémon: Best Wishes to Pokémon Trading Card Game (Video Game)
Pokémon Trading Card Game Online to RGB022: A Hollow Victreebel
RGB023: Make Way for Magmar! to Rival Destinies (song)
Rivalry to Sand Power
Sand Rush to Shinys
Shion to Special Attack
Special Attack stat to TM39
TM40 to The Path to the Pokémon League
The Perfect Match! to Two Island
Tyler to Watchog
Water 1 (egg group) to YL019: Hitmonlee, Baby! (One More Time)
YL020: Breath of the Dragonair Part 1 to Postpone

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