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'M to A Meditite Fight!
A Meteoric Rise to Excellence to Arashi
Arata to BW044
BW044: Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome! to Battle Royale
Battle Subway to Bright Powder
Bright powder to Caserin and Luverin
Casey to Clown's Xatu
Clown (Sinnoh) to DP050: Dawn's Early Night
DP050: Tag! We're It... to Daisuke Sakaguchi
Daisy to Dr. Akihabara's Porygon
Dr. Anna to Encore
Encourage to Flint's Golem
Flint's Infernape to Generation I
Generation II to Growth
Growth Mulch to Hoenn Route 102
Hoenn Route 103 to Iemasa Kayumi
Ieyasu to JE092: Fight for the Light
JE093 to Jonbi
Joseph Shore to Kiki
Kiko to Like Mail
Lila to Machamp
Machiko Toyoshima to McCann
McCann's Scizor to Mirror World
Miruhoggo to Nancy's Gorebyss
Nancy (Pokémon) to Occa Berry
Oceanic Museum to Pastoria City Gym
Pastoria Gym to Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia to Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Version
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Walkthrough to Professor Elm's Corsola
Professor Elm's Sentret to Red's Arbok
Red's Articuno to Route 102
Route 103 to Scorched Plains
Scorched Slab to Silver (Pokémon Chronicles)
Silver (game) to Squirtle Squad
Squirtletwo to TM79
TM80 to The Tower of Terror
The Trio MC's to Tyranitar (anime)
Tyranitarite to Watchog
Water 1 (egg group) to XY052: A Stealthy Challenge!
XY053 to Postpone

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