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'M to A Meteoric Rise to Excellence
A Meteoric Rise to Excellence! to Archeops
Archeops In The Modern World! to BW054
BW054: Ash Versus The Champion! to Beauty
Beauty Scarf to Bronzor
Bruce Warren to Challenge Rock
Challenge of the Samurai to Conway's Shuckle
Conway's Slowking to DP090: Ghoul Daze
DP090: Ghoul Daze! to Dawn stone
Day-Care Checker to Duchess
Ducklett to Exeggcute
Exeggutor to Frillish
Frisk to Go-Rock Squad
Go-Rock Squad Base to Haunter Versus Kadabra
Haunter vs Kadabra to IL023: The Tower of Terror
IL024 to JE010: The Chikorita Rescue
JE011 to James's Carnivine
James's Chimecho to Kanto Victory Road
Kanto region to Langley's Beartic
Langley's Pawniard to Lum berry
Lumi Cab to Marris' Karrablast
Mars to Mimic
Minami to Mt. Shady
Mt. Silver to OI011
OI011: The Joy of Pokemon to PT7-006: Showdown With An Assassin
PT7-007: Stolen Memories to Pokemon Black and Pokemon White
Pokemon Black and White to Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Walkthrough (Part 2)
Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Walkthrough (Part 3) to Power Lens
Power Plant to Rawst Berry
Rawst berry to Rosa
Rosa's Serperior to School Kid's Raticate
School Kid (Johto) to SilverPowder
Silver (Adventures) to Squirtletwo
Sr. and Jr. to TM86
TM87 to The Under Subway
The Underground Round Up to Ukulele Pichu
Ulgamoth to Waterfall Lake
Waterstone to YL013: Can't Catch Caterpie!
YL014: Pidgeotto Pick-Me-Up to Postpone

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