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'M to A Restoration Confrontation! (Part 2)
A Rival Battle for Club Champ! to Apollo
Apple to BW021
BW021: The Lost World of Gothitelle! to Battle Armor
Battle Castle to Bonnie (anime)
Bonsly to CR046: Heckled by Hitmontop
CR047: Bringing up Bellossom to Chicole Village
Chie Satō to Couriway Town
Courmarine City to DP092
DP092: A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine to Davy
Davy's Bisharp to Drayden's Haxorus
Drayden (Adventures) to Erika's Victreebel
Erika's Vileplume to Florges (anime)
Florinda's Gloom to Generation VI
Generation one to Grey
Grey's Flabébé to Hitmonchan (Base Set)
Hitmonchan (JE020) to Iapapa Berry
Ice to JE082
JE082: The Heartbreak of Brock to Johto Route 41
Johto Route 42 to Kennedy
Kenny to Leer
Leftovers to Luna
Luna's Scizor to Marina's Starmie
Marina's Tentacruel to Mew (anime)
Mew Glitch to Morrison's Growlithe
Morrison's Metang to Nikola's Fletchinder
Nimbasa City to Orange Gummi
Orange Island to Phantom's Pinsir
Phantom Force to Pokédollars
Pokéfan to Pokémon Quiz
Pokémon Ranch to Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon
Pseudo-legendary Pokemon to Recruitment
Recycle to Rosa (game)
Rosa (trailer) to Saturn's Octillery
Saturn's Rhyperior to Shoal Salt
Shoal Shell to Space-Time Tower
Space Mail to Swagger
Swallow to Tentacruel
Tentacruel (DP190) to Tracey's Scyther
Tracey's Venonat to Venusaur (AG073)
Venusaur (IL051) to Wilhelmina
Wilhelmina's Marill to YL002: Do do that Doduo
YL003: Sea Sea Seadra to Postpone

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