For the move of the same name, see Spark.

Spark is a character appearing in Pokémon GO.


Spark is a bit taller than the other trainers. He has light blue eyes, pale white skin, and spiky, short blonde hair. He is usually seen wearing an orange sleeveless hoodie with a leather jacket on top. He has orange and yellow gloves, black jeans, and black and orange sneakers. He wears a pendant of the Pokémon, Zapdos, like the Team Instinct logo.


Spark believes the key to success is following one’s instincts and believing in their Pokémon’s innate abilities. Team Instinct follows the ideal of trusting their Pokemon to make their own decisions. Spark is a researcher for Pokémon breeding, and believes a Pokémon's intuition is linked to how they are hatched.


Spark is the leader of Team Instinct.


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