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Spacial Rift
Spacial Rift
Floors 25
Boss Palkia
Game Explorers of Time and Darkness, Explorers of Sky

Spacial Rift can be reached only after the player has cleared The Nightmare in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness and Explorers of Sky. At the end of the dungeon is Palkia. There is a locked chamber containing an exclusive item for either Rayquaza or Cresselia on the 24th floor (9th floor of the deepest part)


After escaping from The Nightmare, the team faces a moral dilemma. After resolving to find an alternative to disappearing, the team asks Lapras about the ruler of space. Lapras does not know any more other than that Palkia governs space and that he resides in the Spacial Rift, an unknown location. That night, as the team is sleeping, Palkia bursts in and whisks the player and partner off to Spacial Rift in order to finish them himself. After the player and partner escape, they try to run, only to be confronted by Palkia some distance into Spacial Rift. The team manages to defeat Palkia; however, just before he collapses, he is frozen in place, having entered the nightmare. The team is taken into Palkia's nightmare, which is a simple room. Cresselia soon shows up as Palkia prepares to end the team, and the partner asks if this is truly the only way to stop the distortions of space. Cresselia says yes, but Palkia notices that the player and partner do not look as terrible as he was led to believe, and just as suspicions are aroused, a second Cresselia appears and unmasks the first, who is revealed to be Darkrai. The true Cresselia reveals that it is Darkrai himself causing the distortions in space, not the player or partner. Darkrai challenges the player to defeat him at Dark Crater, then flees.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokemon Floors Levels Recruit rate
Chatot 1-6 
Drapion 1-6 
Xatu 1-7 
Gallade 1-9 
Kadabra 1-9, 11-15; Deepest Part 1-4, 6-9
Jolteon 1-15; Deepest Part 1-4, 6-9 
Honchkrow 1-15; Deepest Part 1-4, 6-9 
Charizard 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 
Magnezone 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 
Electivire 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 
Sableye 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 
Solrock 4-10 
Chimecho 5-15; Deepest Part 1-9 
Gligar 6-15; Deepest Part 1-9 
Bronzor 7-12 
Toxicroak 7-15; Deepest Part 1-9 
Latias 10 
Tropius 12-15; Deepest Part 1-2 
Darkrai 14 
Dusknoir 14-15; Deepest Part 1-4
Drowzee 15; Deepest Part 1-4 
Spiritomb 15; Deepest Part 1-4 
Porygon Deepest Part 3-9 
Latios Deepest Part 5 
Hypno Deepest Part 6-9 
Lunatone Deepest Part 6-9 
Palkia Bottom
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