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Southern Island
みなみのことう 'Southern Island'
ORAS Southern Island
Information about Southern Island
Region: Hoenn
Connecting locations: None
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Needed HM:
Southern Island Map
Location of Southern Island in Hoenn.

Southern Island is located to the south of the Hoenn region, and is only accessed through possession of the Eon Ticket.


After receiving the Eon Ticket, the Trainer must head to the Lilycove City harbor, whereupon the S.S Tidal's captain will offer to take the Trainer to Southern Island. After arriving at the island, the Trainer must venture into the heart of the island, whereupon he/she will find an unusual stone. The stone object contains the inscription:

"All dreams are but another reality. Never forget..."

After this, the player will encounter either Latias or Latios (whichever was not chosen to roam around the Hoenn region) and is at Level 50. It holds the item Soul Dew. After the successful capture of the Eon Pokémon, the player is restricted from returning to Southern Island via the S.S Tidal.


Pokémon Level Rarity Image
Latios XY
(Ruby, Emerald and Omega Ruby)
Level 50 One (Via Eon Ticket event) Latios Southern Island ORAS
Latias XY
(Sapphire, Emerald and Alpha Sapphire)
Level 50 One (Via Eon Ticket event) Latias Southern Island ORAS


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