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Soundproof is an Ability. It makes the Pokémon immune to sound-based moves.


Move Type
Bug Buzz Type Bug
Chatter Type Flying
Echoed Voice Type Normal
Grasswhistle Type Grass
Growl Type Normal
Heal Bell Type Normal
Hyper Voice Type Normal
Metal Sound Type Steel
Perish Song Type Normal
Relic Song Type Normal
Roar Type Normal
Round Type Normal
Screech Type Normal
Sing Type Normal
Snarl Type Dark
Snore Type Normal
Supersonic Type Normal
Uproar Type Normal


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#100 Voltorb 100 Type Electric Natural
#101 Electrode 101 Type Electric Natural
#122 Mr. Mime 122 Type Psychic Natural
#293 Whismur 293 Type Normal Natural
#294 Loudred 294 Type Normal Natural
#295 Exploud 295 Type Normal Natural
#410 Shieldon 410 Type RockType Steel Dream World
#411 Bastiodon 411 Type RockType Steel Dream World
#439 Mime Jr. 439 Type Psychic Natural
#459 Snover 459 Type GrassType Ice Dream World
#460 Abomasnow 460 Type GrassType Ice Dream World
#626 Bouffalant 626 Type Normal Dream World

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