Sophocles is a Trial Captain that specializes in Electric type Pokémon. Sophocles appears in Pokémon Sun and Moon.


Sophocles is a short chubby boy, who has orange hair and green eyes. He wears a yellow scarf around his neck that resembles a Pikachu's tail and a white T-shirt, with an orange design of a Game Boy Color painted on it. He also wears brown pants with a yellow outline and some green shoes with lightning design and blue soles. On his right side of the hips, Sophocles has a keychain with a miniature Electrode attached and wears a belt containing a badge around his waist.


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Sophocles is the fifth Trial Captain and he is on Ula'ula Island. One has to go through a Pokémon sound test first with him before facing Totem Vikavolt. After that, he smiles and gives the Electruim Z after completing his trial. He is also Molayne's cousin, and the boss of Festival Plaza.

He, along with all the other Trial Captains and Kahunas, comes to the party celebrated by the player character for becoming a Champion. He is the first person to challenge the player character, if they battle the Elite Four a second time.


Main article: Sophocles (anime)


VS Sophocles SM


Champion title defense

Togedemaru SM
 Type Electric Type Steel 
Magnezone XY
 Type Electric Type Steel 
Electivire XY
 Type Electric 
Vikavolt SM
 Type Bug Type Electric 
Alolan Golem SM
 Type Rock Type Electric 
Lv. 61 Lv. 61 - Lv. 61 Lv. 61 Lv. 61 Lv. ? -
Ability: Iron Barbs Ability: TBA Ability: TBA Ability: Levitate Ability: TBA Ability: Unknown
Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: ?
Electric Terrain Flash Cannon Thunder Punch Bug Buzz Stone Edge -
Zing Zap Discharge Giga Impact Thunderbolt Steamroller -
Spiky Shield Tri Attack Fire Punch Air Slash Thunder Punch -
Fell Stinger Reflect Quick Attack Guillotine Heavy Slam -

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