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Solidad is a character appearing in the anime series, who is a friend and rival of May.


Solidad has fair skin, blue eyes and salmon hair. She wears a collared orange long sleeved shirt with a red belt at the waist, a red fingerless glove on her right hand albeit with the thumb intact, a burgundy skirt and knee high socks and red boots.


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Season 9: Battle Frontier

Solidad first appears in the episode of the ninth season against May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!.

After seeing the great ability and talent of May, she wanted to battle her, and succeeded to the finals of the Kanto Grand Festival. Solidad beat May using a Dodge and counterattack Strategy in the finals and won the Ribbon Cup. Solidad went to the Johto region with Drew, Harley and, of course, May.

Solidad and Brock were previously known to live in the same city but the nature of their relationship is not revealed. However, she treats him and Harley like friends. She is cool, calm and collected making her a top and powerful coordinator.

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Season 11: DP Battle Dimension

Drew and Roserade

Solidad with Drew and Harley

Along with Harley and Drew and his Roserade, Solidad watched May compete in the Wallace Cup.[1]

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On hand

Pokémon Information
Solidad Slowbro
Slowbro was the first Pokemon that was revealed. It is used both in contest appeals and in battle and is, with the possible exception of Lapras, Solidad's most powerful Pokemon.
Pokémon Information
Solidad Lapras
Drew mentioned that Lapras had been with Solidad for many years and it is one of her strongest Pokemon, being a powerful fighter and capable of beautiful contest performances.
Pokémon Information
Solidad Butterfree
Butterfree only appeared very briefly, but Drew claimed that Solidad's Butterfree was the reason he wanted a Butterfree of his own, implying that it was powerful in battle and in contests.
Pokémon Information
Solidad's Pidgeot
Pidgeot debuted in the final round of the Kanto Grand Festival as it battled alongside Solidad's Slowbro, easily overwhelming May's Munchlax and Combusken.




  • 5 ribbons


All of Solidad's Pokémon are from Generation I and originate from the Kanto region.


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