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Snow Cloak is an ability introduced in Generation IV. It raises Evasiveness when it is hailing. It also makes it less probable that you will come across wild Pokémon when it is hailing. If a non-Type Ice-Type Pokémon possesses this ability, it will not be hurt when it is hailing.


Effect in Battle

Snow Cloak raises the user's evasion in a hailstorm.

Effect Outside out Battle

If a Pokémon with the ability Snow Cloak is placed first in the party in hailing weather, the chances of running into wild Pokémon decreases by 50%.

Pokémon With the Ability Snow Cloak

Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#144 Articuno 144 Type IceType Flying Dream World
#220 Swinub 220 Type IceType Ground Natural
#221 Piloswine 221 Type IceType Ground Natural
#471 Glaceon 471 Type Ice Natural
#473 Mamoswine 473 Type IceType Ground Natural
#478 Froslass 478 Type IceType Ghost Natural
#613 Cubchoo 613 Type Ice Natural
#614 Beartic 614 Type Ice Natural

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