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Snor (ゴン Gon)
サトシ ピカチュウ Red's Kabigon'
Trainer: Red
Gender: Male
Ability: Immunity
Debut: PA012
Episode captured: PA012
Caught where: Route 12
Received from: Wild
Current location: With Red
Evolved: Not evolved

Snor is one of Red's Pokémon, and was one of the first Pokémon he caught in the wild.


Red, Blue and Green Chapter

Snor makes its first appearance at Route 12, where it interferes with the bicycle race which Red participates in. It blocks the way at a fishing dock, preventing the racing Trainers from proceeding ahead. Red attempts to attack Snor with his Poli, but the attack bounces effortlessly off its body. However, SNor is roused from his sleep by Red using some Beedrill honey coated on his Saur that he acquired earlier from his trip through the forest. This ultimately results in Snor pursuing after Red, who manages to win the race. However, due to Snor's ravenous appetite, Red is forced to spend the 10,000 prize money all on food.

Red's Snor is Red's strongest Pokemon if looked at level. Snor was seen using Mega Punch against Green (Blue)'s Wartortle, creating a sinkhole.

It also battled Giovanni's Golem and Nidoqueen, Blue's Machamp, wild Magmar, and Forretress, as well as Azumarill.

Red manages to train Snor, thus making it a formidable asset on his Pokémon team.

Known Moves

Move Episode
Snor Mega Punch
Mega Punch [[|]]
Mega Kick [[|vs. CHARIZARD]]
Toxic [[|vs. CHARIZARD]]
Rest VS Forretress
Earthquake [[|The Battle Path]]
Headbutt [[|]]
Belly Drum [[|]]
Double Edge [[|]]
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


  • In the Chuang-Yi translated version of the Pokémon Adventures manga, Snor is named Lax to match with his Japanese name Gon.

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