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Sniper (スナイパー Sniper) is an ability introduced in Generation IV.


In battle

Sniper increases the damage of moves when the move strikes a critical hit from 2x to 3x.

Outside of battle

This ability has no effect outside of battle.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#116 Horsea 116 Type Water
#117 Seadra 117 Type Water
#223 Remoraid 223 Type Water
#224 Octillery 224 Type Water
#230 Kingdra 230 Type WaterType Dragon
#451 Skorupi 451 Type PoisonType Bug
#452 Drapion 452 Type PoisonType Dark
#688 Binacle 688 Type RockType Water
#689 Barbaracle 689 Type RockType Water


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#015 Beedrill 015 Type BugType Poison
#021 Spearow 021 Type NormalType Flying
#022 Fearow 022 Type NormalType Flying
#167 Spinarak 167 Type BugType Poison
#168 Ariados 168 Type BugType Poison

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