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[[Category:Dark-type moves]]
[[Category:Dark-type moves]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by Snatch]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by Magic Coat]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by King's Rock]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by BrightPowder]]
[[Category:Non-Contact Moves]]
[[Category:Moves not affected by Detect or Protect]]

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Snatch is a Dark type move that steals the effects of any healing or status-changing move the foe attempts to use.

If the selected target uses a status move upon itself in the same turn Snatch was used, that effect will be received by the user of Snatch instead.

The moves that can be affected by Snatch include stat boosters as Swords Dance and Calm Mind as well as others like Substitute. Snatch cannot steal the effects of Helping Hand.


PP: 10 (max. 16)
Power: —
Accuracy: —
Priority: +4

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