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Sleep Seeds will inflict the Sleep condition to the Pokémon they are used on if successful.

Locations in Explorers of Time, Darkness, & Sky

Sleep Seeds can be found on all floors of Drenched Bluff, Mt. Bristle, Waterfall Cave, Apple Woods, Craggy Coast, Mt. Horn, Foggy Forest, Steam Cave, Amp Plains, Crystal Cave, Crystal Crossing, Chasm Cave, Dark Hill, Sealed Ruin, Dusk Forest, Treeshroud Forest, Brine Cave, Hidden Land, Temporal Tower, Mystifying Forest, Happy Outlook, Blizzard Island, Crevice Cave, Surrounded Sea, Miracle Sea, Aegis Cave, Mt. Travail, The Nightmare, Spacial Rift, Dark Crater, Marine Resort, Mt. Avalanche, Giant Volcano, Sky Stairway, & World Abyss

  • Beach Cave (3F & 4F)
  • Star Cave (Shops 9F-15F)
  • Concealed Ruins (1F-28F & any shop)
  • Oblivion Forest (all floors & any shops)
  • Treacherous Waters (all floors & shops 16F-19F)
  • Southeastern Islands (all floors & any shop)
  • Inferno Cave (all floors & any shop)
  • Zero Isle East (all floors except 20F & all shops)
  • Zero Isle South (all floors & shops 1F-89F)
  • Destiny Tower (all floors & any shop)

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