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==Known Moves==
==Known Moves==
{{MoveBoxTop|Type2 = flying|Type = normal|image = Skyla_Unfezant.png|imageinfo = Using Air Slash}}
{{MoveBoxTop|Type2=flying|Type=normal|image=Skyla_Unfezant.png|imageinfo=Using Air Slash}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Air Slash|BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!|type = flying|othername = Cilan Takes Flight!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Air Slash|BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!|type=flying|othername=Cilan Takes Flight!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Aerial Ace|BW070: An Amazing Aerial Battle!|type = flying|othername = An Amazing Aerial Battle!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Aerial Ace|BW070: An Amazing Aerial Battle!|type=flying|othername=An Amazing Aerial Battle!}}
{{MoveBoxEnd|Type2 = flying|Type = normal}}

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Skyla's Unfezant
Fuuro's Kenhallow
Trainer: Skyla
Gender: Male
Debut: BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!
Episode captured: Prior to BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!
Current location: With Skyla

Skyla's Unfezant is an Unfezant belonging to Skyla, the Gym Leader of the Mistralton City Gym. It was, however, beaten by Cilan's Crustle and lost against Ash's Pikachu.

Known Moves

Move Episode
Skyla Unfezant
Air Slash Cilan Takes Flight!
Aerial Ace An Amazing Aerial Battle!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


  • In the games, Skyla's Unfezant was female.

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