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{{Pokémon Character Box
|type2 = flying
'''Skyla's Swanna''' may refer to:
|type = water
*The [[Skyla's Swanna (anime)|one]] used in the ''[[Pokémon Anime|anime]]''
|name = Skyla's Swanna
*The [[Skyla's Swanna (Adventures)|one]] used in ''[[Pokémon Adventures|Adventures]]''
|japanese = Fuuro's Swanna
|image = Skyla's_Swanna.jpg
|trainer = Skyla
|debut = BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!
|episodecaught = Prior to BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!
|location = With Skyla}}
This '''Swanna''' belongs to Skyla of the Mistralton Gym and it is considered her most powerful pokémon. When Cilan challenged Skyla, Swanna was the last Pokemon she used. It defeated [[Cilan's Crustle]] and [[Stunfisk]], despite having a severe weakness against the latters Electric attacks. It once again overcame severe type disadvantage during Skyla's battle with Ash, managing to block [[Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu's]] [[Thunderbolt]] by using [[Aqua Ring]] as a shield and overwhelming him with [[Hurricane]] and [[Brave Bird]]. It then battled [[Ash's Unfezant|Ash's Tranquill]] and at first it appeared to have the advantage but then Tranquil evolved into Unfezant and defeated Swanna with a powerful [[Aerial Ace]].
==Known Moves==
|Type2 = flying
|Type = water
|image = Skyla's_Swanna's_Aqua_Ring.jpg
|imageinfo = Swanna using Aqua Ring}}
{{MoveBoxMid|BubbleBeam|BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!|type = water
|othername = Cilan Takes Flight!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Hurricane|BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!|type = flying
|othername = Cilan Takes Flight!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Aqua Ring|BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!|type = water
|othername = Cilan Takes Flight!}}
{{MoveBoxMid|Brave Bird|BW069: Cilan Takes Flight!|type = flying
|othername = Cilan Takes Flight!}}
|Type2 = flying
|Type = water}}
==Episode Appearances==
{{EpisodeAppearTop|season = Pokémon: Black and White}}
{{EpisodeAppearMid|season = Pokémon: Black and White|EP# = BW069|title = BW069|titleothername = Cilan Takes Flight!}}
{{EpisodeAppearMid|season = Pokémon: Black and White|EP# = BW070|title = BW070: An Amazing Aerial Battle!|titleothername = An Amazing Aerial Battle!}}
{{EpisodeAppearEnd|season = Pokémon: Black and White}}
[[Category:Gym Leader's Pokémon]]

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