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Sky Tower

The Sky Tower

Sky Tower (Japanese: てんくうの とう Sky Tower) is a dungeon in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team games. It is a tower of clouds, and is where the player

Rayquaza, the boss the player must fight at Sky Tower.

must battle Rayquaza in order to save the planet.

The main body of Sky Tower consists of 25 floors, and after a save point is followed by the Sky Tower Summit, which has 9 floors, with Rayquaza on the 9th floor. The player and their partner must battle Rayquaza in order to convince it to help them destroy the approaching meteor that is the cause of all the natural disasters that had occured.

In the main storyline, the Teleport Gem is used to the reach Sky Tower, but after completion of the main storyline, Fly must be used to get to Sky Tower for missions.

The Pokemon found at Sky Tower are as follows:

Sky Tower - Main

No. Name Floors Found on
#292 Shedinja 1-5
#353 Shuppet 1-6
#205 Forretress 1-6
#284 Masquerain 1-8
#337 Lunatone 1-11
#355 Duskull 7-14
#109 Koffing 9-16
#166 Ledian 10-18
#338 Solrock 12-20
#334 Altaria 12-19
#212 Scizor 16-21
#356 Dusclops 17-23
#049 Venomoth 20-25
#142 Aerodactyl 21-25
#330 Flygon 21-25
#357 Tropius 22-25

Sky Tower - Summit

No. Name Floors Found on
#357 Tropius 1-8
#142 Aerodactyl 1-8
#344 Claydol 1-8
#330 Flygon 1-8
#376 Metagross 1-8
#373 Salamence 1-8
#384 Rayquaza 9 (Boss)

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