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Sky Peak is an unusual dungeon exclusive to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It has 9 stations from Shaymin Village that serve as rest areas. You can travel instantly between the Village & Stations 2, 4, & 6 by using Drifblim's Gondola Service. Passes 1-4 have 3 floors, Passes 5-8 have 4 floors, the 9th Pass & Summit Pass have 5 floors.

Items in Sky Peak

Mix Elixirs, Gravely Rocks, Chesto & Oren Berries as well as Seeds of the Dough, Dropeye, Eyedrop, Reviser, Slip, Totter, & Via variety can be found on all floors in Sky Peak. Reviver Seeds, Apples, & Max Elixirs along with Cheri, Oran, Pecha, & Rawst Berries can be found on any floor or shop in the dungeon. Blast & Heal Seeds, Big Apples, Link Boxes, & Gummis of the Blue, Grass, Orange, & White variety can appear in any shop.

Pokémon in Sky Peak

  • Bayleef LV 38 (1st Pass 1F-6th Pass 3F)
  • Flygon LV 40 (1st Pass 1F-6th Pass 3F)
  • Ivysaur LV 40 (1st Pass 1F-6th Pass 3F)
  • Metapod LV 40 (1st Pass 1F-5th Pass 4F)
  • Weepinbell LV 40 (1st Pass 1F-6th Pass 3F)
  • Roselia LV 40 (1st Pass 1F-6th Pass 3F)
  • Skuntank LV 40 (1st Pass 1F-8th Pass 1F)
  • Torterra LV 40 (1st Pass 1F-6th Pass 3F)
  • Raticate LV 42 (1st Pass 1F-6th Pass 3F)
  • Hitmonchan LV 42 (4th Pass 1F-Summit Pass 5F)
  • Bibarel LV 42 (4th Pass 2F-9th Pass 2F)
  • Primeape LV 42 (4th Pass 2F-Summit Pass 5F)
  • Ursaring LV 42 (4th Pass 2F-Summit Pass 5F)
  • Fearow LV 42 (5th Pass 4F-Summit Pass 5F)
  • Furret LV 43 (6th Pass 4F-Summit Pass 5F)
  • Marowak LV 43 (8th Pass 1F-Summit Pass 5F)
  • Shedinja LV 45 (8th Pass 1F-Summit Pass 5F)

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