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For Sinnoh's Elite Four, see Aaron.
Sir Aaron
(アーロン Arlon)
Sir AaronS
Hometown: Rota, Cameran Palace
Region: Kanto
Class: Aura Guardian
Friends: Lucario, Queen Rin
First Appearance: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
Voice actor: Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese)
Jason Griffith (English)

Sir Aaron is a "legend" in the Kanto region.


He was born in Cameran Palace and was a noble and honored knight. When two armies were about to fight, Sir Aaron went to the Tree of Beginning and sacrificed himself to save the kingdom. He has the ability to use aura, along with his student and friend Lucario, whom he traveled with.

Sir Aaron sealed Lucario inside his staff so Lucario wouldn't sacrifice himself to save the Cameran Palace, and that he could live in a time of peace. Ironically, Lucario ends up meeting the same fate when he gives his life energy to save the Mew and the Tree of Beginning one thousand years later. Later it seems they were reunited in a spirit world.



Pokémon Information
Sir Aaron Pidgeot
Sir Aaron used Pidgeot as a mount to reach the Tree of Beginning. After it gave Queen Rin Sir Aaron's scepter, it flew off and was not seen again.
Pokémon Information
Lucario M08
Sir Aaron trained Lucario to use and master Aura and considered Lucario his student.


  • Lucario mistook Ash for Sir Aaron when they first met because Ash and Sir Aaron appear to have the same aura.
  • Sir Aaron has a similar appearance to Riley.


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