The Sinnoh Underground

Lucas and Dawn in the underground of Sinnoh.

The Sinnoh Underground (ちかつうろ Chikatsu Uro) is an underground area introduced in the Pokémon Diamond Version, Pokémon Pearl Version and Pokémon Platinum Version. It is an underground area of the Sinnoh region that the player can access using the Explorer Kit which you can get from the Underground Man in Eterna City. The underground of the Sinnoh region has a lot of fun ways for discovering items that are not easily found in the Sinnoh region. Exploring in the underground can be compared to that of being an archaeologist searching for hidden treasures. You can create a hidden base and decorate it with the various decorations that you might obtain.



The locations of the treasures.

Upon entering the Sinnoh underground the top screen of the DS will change to a map of the area. Shining stars that appear on the map give away a hint as to where there is a hidden treasure. The player can go to the location where they can tap with their stylus pen to act like a radar which sees the hidden treasures and where you must dig to get them. There are also traps hidden in the underground so one must be careful. Furthermore, there are sphere's hidden in the underground which the player can trade for traps or decorations.

Test of the Underground Man

Once you've obtained the Explorer Kit, the Underground Man asks you to do a test which you can choose whether or not to do. If you agree to his tests that he gives you then you must go into the Sinnoh Underground and complete one of them. Upon completion of one of the tests he will give you a reward. The Underground give you these tests and corresponding rewards:

No. Missions Rewards
1 Go to the Underground. Move Trap (↑), Bubble Trap and Leaf Trap.
2 Dig up an object. Prism Sphere 1, Red Sphere 1 and Blue Sphere 1.
3 Bury a Sphere. Digger Drill.
4 Create a Secret Base. Plain Table, Wooden Chair, Small Bookshelf and Buneary Doll.
5 Decorate the Secret Base. A doll Based on your Starter Pokémon.
1 Obtained the Bronze Flag. Pretty Gem.
3 Obtained the Silver Flag. Shiny Gem.
10 Obtained the Gold Flag. Mystic Gem.
50 Obtained the Platinum Flag. Glitter Gem.


Fossil Dig


Digging treasures.

Fossil Dig is one of the main activities in the Sinnoh Underground. You can find various valuable items while searching for fossils. Those items cannot be easily found around the Sinnoh Region while you're not in the Sinnoh Underground. You have two tools to dig out items out of the walls, a Hammer and a pickaxe. Those two items have different level of power which can affect the stability of the wall and even cause it to crumble. If you are using the hammer it can let you dig large areas very quickly, but it clefts the wall quickly. The pickaxe can let you work on small areas very carefully and it only increases the cleft in the wall a bit with each hit. The cleft meter will let you know how big the cleft is. Once the meter is at the left end of the screen, the wall start to collapse.

Items during Fossil Digging

You can find valuable items that cannot be found around the Sinnoh Region that easily. There are six kinds of items that can be found while digging in the underground: Spheres, Shards, Fossils, Evolution Items, Battle Items and Heart Scales. You can trade three of the six treasures for something valuable:

  • Spheres — You can give your spheres to one of the three traders in the underground which in return they will give you a valuable item. Those items can be used in your secret base that you may have created.
  • Fossils — Bring your fossils to the Oreburgh Mining Museum where they will restore the fossil into a Pokémon.
  • Shards — If you have collected 10 shards of the same colour you can bring them to a lady whom lives on Route 212. She can give you a TM in exchange. Those being:

Be sure that after you've found an item in the underground that you put them in your bag before you are leaving the underground. You cannot take your items that you've found in the underground back to the surface otherwise.

List of Underground Treasures

Name Trade Level Discovery
Armor Fossil Blue Sphere 30 50 E B
Blue Shard Blue Sphere 20 25 B C
Blue Sphere 20 25 A A
Damp Stone Blue Sphere 40 50 D D
Draco Plate Red Sphere 70 80 D D
Dread Plate Red Sphere 70 80 D D
Earth Plate Jade Sphere 70 80 D D
Everstone Pale Sphere 25 35 D D
Fire Stone Red Sphere 70 80 D D
Fist Plate Hard Sphere 70 80 D D
Flame Plate Red Sphere 70 80 D D
Green Shard Jade Sphere 25 35 C B
Hard Sphere B B
Hard Stone Red Sphere 25 35 D D
Heart Scale Red Sphere 5 10 B B
Heat Stone Red Sphere 40 50 D D
Icicle Plate Blue Sphere 70 80 D D
Icy Stone Pale Sphere 35 40 D D
Insect Plate Jade Sphere 70 80 D D
Iron Plate Hard Sphere 70 80 D D
Iron Sphere Hard Sphere 40 50 D D
Jade Sphere A A
Leaf Stone Jade Sphere 25 35 D D
Light Clay Jade Sphere 40 50 D D
Max Revive Pale Sphere 40 50 D D
Meadow Plate Jade Sphere 70 80 D D
Mind Plate Pale Sphere 40 50 D D
Moon Stone Pale Sphere 25 35 D D
Pale Sphere B B
Rare Bone Pale Sphere 25 35 D D
Red Shard Red Sphere 20 25 C B
Revive Pale Sphere 5 10 C C
Skull Fossil Jade Sphere 30 50 B E
Sky Plate Blue Sphere 70 80 D D
Smooth Rock Hard Sphere 35 40 D D
Splash Plate Blue Sphere 70 80 D D
Spooky Plate Pale Sphere 70 80 D D
Star Piece Pale Sphere 35 45 D D
Stone Plate Hard Sphere 70 80 D D
Sun Stone Red Sphere 25 35 D D
Thunderstone Hard Sphere 25 35 D D
Toxic Plate Pale Sphere 70 80 D D
Water Stone Blue Sphere 25 35 D D
Yellow Shard Hard Sphere 20 25 B C
Zap Plate Hard Sphere 70 80 D D

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