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| next = 215
| next = 215
'''Route 214''' is a route in [[Sinnoh]] with [[Veilstone City]] in the north, [[Spring Path]] in the east, [[Valor Lakefront]] in the south, and [[Maniac Tunnel]] in the west.
'''Route 214''' is a route in [[Sinnoh]] leading to  [[Veilstone City]] to the north, [[Spring Path]] to the east, [[Valor Lakefront]] to the south, and [[Maniac Tunnel]] to the west.

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Smeargle XY

Route 214

214ばんどうろ 214 Bandōro

Location Information
Not Available
Connecting locations: ↑North - Veilstone City
→East - Spring Path
↓South - Valor Lakefront
←West - Maniac Tunnel
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Needed HMs: None
Route 213--Route 214 --Route 215

Route 214 is a route in Sinnoh leading to  Veilstone City to the north, Spring Path to the east, Valor Lakefront to the south, and Maniac Tunnel to the west.

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