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Region = Sinnoh
Route 212 is the longest route in the Sinnoh region. There are two parts of this route, a marsh trail and then a locale next to Mr. Backlot's Mansion.


The marsh part of Route 212 has many trainers, most of them being Poké Rangers and Fishermen. This part has rain most of the time, and it rarely doesn't rain. Only one home resides in this part. The people who live here can trade shards for something in exchange. In D/P, they'll give you a TM. In Platinum, they'll teach a selected Pokémon a move. The list of moves teachable is found in the northern part of the house. The second part of Route 212 resides near Mr. Backlot's mansion. Around the mansion are rich trainers and Policemen.

Places of interest

Pokémon Mansion

In the Pokémon mansion can find Mr. Fortuny, a wealthy lover of Pokémon. So much so that in the garden of his mansion, the Trophy Garden, you can sometimes find rare wild Pokémon that Mr. Fortuny loose.

House mountain

This house is located in the southern part of the route, she lives a simpatico mountaineer who offers different services. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl gave you split MTs. Now, in Pokémon Platinum is one of the four guardians of new moves. 120px-Tutor_de_movimientos_de_la_ruta_212.png

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