Sinnoh Pokémon League is where you have to defeat the Elite Four and the Champion, who is Cynthia. Members of the Sinnoh Elite Four consist of Aaron, Bertha, Flint, and Lucian. In order to reach the Pokémon League, HM07 (Waterfall) and HM08 (Rock Climb) are required.

Pokémon League

Elite Four

Diamond and Pearl

Sinnoh Pokémon League iconThe Sinnoh Pokémon LeagueSinnoh Pokémon League icon
Elite Four Aaron
Type Bug
269 Dustox Level 53 Type BugType Poison
267 Beautifly Level 53 Type BugType Flying
214 Heracross Level 54 Type BugType Fighting
416 Vespiquen Level 54 Type BugType Flying
452 Drapion Level 57 Type PoisonType Dark
Elite Four Bertha
Type Ground
195 Quagsire Level 55 Type WaterType Ground
185 Sudowoodo Level 56 Type Rock
340 Whiscash Level 55 Type WaterType Ground
076 Golem Level 56 Type RockType Ground
450 Hippowdon Level 59 Type Ground
Elite Four Flint
Type Fire
078 Rapidash Level 58 Type Fire
426 Drifblim Level 58 Type GhostType Flying
208 Steelix Level 57 Type SteelType Ground
428 Lopunny Level 57 Type Normal
392 Infernape Level 61 Type FireType Fighting
Elite Four Lucian
Type Psychic
122 Mr. Mime Level 59 Type Psychic
203 Girafarig Level 59 Type NormalType Psychic
308 Medicham Level 60 Type FightingType Psychic
065 Alakazam Level 60 Type Psychic
437 Bronzong Level 63 Type SteelType Psychic
Champion Cynthia
Type ???
442 Spiritomb Level 61 Type GhostType Dark
423A Gastrodon Level 60 Type WaterType Ground
407 Roserade Level 60 Type GrassType Poison
448 Lucario Level 63 Type FightingType Steel
350 Milotic Level 63 Type Water
445 Garchomp Level 66 Type DragonType Ground


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