For the variant appearing in the games, see Siebold.

Siebold is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is a member of the Elite Four in the Kalos region.


Siebold is very tall and slender, with pale white skin. He has light flaxen hair that curls around his head in graceful ripples. He possesses penetrating catlike eyes that are a deep sapphire-blue color. Siebold wears a very regal uniform; his cloak-like garments are mostly pure white, mixed with some blue patterns, similar to a garment worn by royalty. The front of his shirt resembles a chef's garb, with four large white buttons, but it is merged with medieval-looking apron-like vestments, and is also slightly reminiscent to the uniform of a sailor. His uniform is high-collared, and his collar is rippled around the edges, like a scallop shell, and coloured blue and white,. He wears a unique cerulean blue striped cravat (a flowing, wispy tie) with a deep blue teardrop-shaped jewel pendant hanging round his neck. His shoes are white with blue trim.


Diantha describes Siebold as a top cook, who likes entertaining other people. Siebold is a determined chef, who believes Pokémon Battles are art, much like cooking. Whoever does not agree with this philosophy makes Siebold very angry, since both cooking and battles are but temporary pleasures for the people.


X & Y arc

Siebold appeared during an explanation by Diantha to Korrina.[1]

Siebold arrived to the Lost Hotel, where he was making meals for the group. He asked them if they thought Pokémon battles were art. Shauna felt it was too much to call battles as "art", causing Siebold to yell at her, since he thought the battles and cooking were similar to each other; they both had to work hard to present something fabulous, which lasts only for a short time. Siebold gave the group more food; Ramos felt Siebold wanted to apologize for not acting sooner to stop Team Flare's plans. After the lunch was over, Siebold witnessed Y becoming a Mega Evolution Successor and congratulated her.[2]

As the group left to the Pokémon Village, Siebold joined Drasna and Wikstrom in the battle against Team Flare. Siebold also gave the group some sandwiches as lunch and wished them luck. Some time later, Siebold began defending Route 19 from Team Flare forces.[3] After Team Flare's defeat, Siebold gathered with the Elite Four and Diantha, as Wikstrom carried Malva's unconscious body away.[4]


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