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Shiny Leaf

A Shiny Leaf is a golden Leaf that your Pokémon may find (only if they are following you in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver) while on a walk. You can only find these leaves if your Pokémon has a strong friendship and are in a good mood. Also, you have to run around in the Tall Grass, so bring some Repels. To find the Leaves, look at your Pokémon's nature and use the list below to find the Shiny Leaves. When you find all five, bring your Pokémon to Ethan (if you are a girl) or to Lyra (if you are a boy) and he/she will make them into a crown, if you look at one of your Pokémon summary you will see the crown appear. Leaf Crown

Locations depending on its nature

For Adamant, Hardy, Bold, and Brave natured Pokémon:

  • Route 42
  • Route 37
  • Route 22 or Route 46
  • Route 15
  • Route 9 or Route 24

For Rash, Mild, Quirky, and Hasty natured Pokémon:

  • Route 44
  • Route 39
  • Route 26
  • Route 18
  • Route 11

For Timid, Lonely, and Bashful natured Pokémon:

  • Route 43
  • Route 38
  • Route 27
  • Route 16
  • Route 10 or Route 25

For Calm, Gentle, Lax, and Relaxed natured Pokémon:

  • Route 32
  • Route 35 or Route 48
  • Route 2 or Route 28
  • Route 4
  • Route 6

For Careful, Docile, Modest, Serious, and Quiet natured Pokémon:

  • Route 33
  • Route 36
  • Route 45
  • Route 7
  • Route 8, 13, or 14

For Sassy, Naive, Naughty, Jolly, and Impish natured Pokémon

  • Route 31
  • Route 34 or Route 47
  • Route 1
  • Route 3
  • Route 5

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