Shinko is a minor character from Dawn - Setting Off On a New Journey!.


Shinko is Professor Rowan's assistant and a new trainer from Twinleaf Town, who wanted to choose her starter Pokémon. However, she was uncertain which one should she choose. To gain the attention, Piplup and Chimchar fought against each other, causing the lab to be ruined and the two to escape. To find the missing Pokémon, Dawn teamed up with Shinko, who asked Dawn some questions, since Dawn was a well-known Coordinator. After finding the Pokémon, Dawn and Shinko ran away from some Ariados, who chased them off and managed to trap them using String Shot. Dawn's Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava and defeated the leader, a purple Ariados, chasing off the others. After returning to the lab, Shinko decided to stay a little longer, for she had much more to learn about Pokémon before setting off on a new journey.

Episode appearances

Episode Title
DP192 Dawn - Setting Off On a New Journey!