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These Vibrava are two ground/dragon-type Pokémon owned by Shelly from the Ruby & Sapphire arc.


Shelly used her two Vibrava mostly for transportation. When Shelly was with Professor Cozmo, Shelly used one of her Vibrava to bring Professor Cozmo to the place with her where they were supposed to meet Amber.[1][2]

Later on, Shelly flew with her Vibrava to face Wattson and Flannery, who were battling Kyogre. Winona arrived, however, and attacked the Team Aqua admins.[3] Thus, Shelly faced Flannery and attacked her with Vibrava and Ludicolo.[4] At the end of the battle, due to her Ludicolo being unable to use Nature Power anymore, Shelly fled with her Vibrava, who carried her away.[5]

Known moves

None of Vibrava's moves are known.


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