"Eyes brimming with dark flame, this man rejected everything other than himself in order to bring about one singular justice...' That's part of a novel I'm writing. I was inspired by the challenger who was just here, and somehow I got a little sad... Excuse me. You're a challenger, right? I'm the Elite Four's Ghost-type Pokémon user, Shauntal, and I shall be your opponent."
— One of Shauntal's speeches in Pokémon Black and White, this one involving N.

Shauntal is the first member of Unova's Elite Four who specializes in using Ghost-type Pokémon.


Shauntal has purple hair and glasses; her outfit is a purple "dress" with dark purple tights and pink shoes. She wears an additional black collar to her outfit and black gloves. Her books and pens are pink.


Rather bookish, Shauntal loves to write stories. She is fascinated with her Ghost-type Pokémon, often using them as the muse of inspiration to write, as well as the trainers that she battles.



Black and White

In Black and White, she appears in the Pokémon League where the player can battle her. When the player goes to Undella Town after defeating the league, the player can sometimes find her in Cynthia's villa in the Spring and Summer.

Black 2 and White 2

In Black 2 and White 2, her role is exactly the same as the previous games.


Main article: Shauntal (Adventures)


BW battle sprite

B2W2 battle sprite

VS. Sprite


Black and White

Black 2 and White 2

First Battle



Battle against shauntal

The Battle against Shauntal.

  • Shauntal's usage of Ghost Pokémon coupled with the fact that she carries around a book and pen may be a reference to a ghostwriter, a person who writes a novel or article for someone else and gives them the credit.
  • Shauntal resembles to Velma, a female character from Hanna-Barbera's animation Scooby Doo: she has similar short-bobstyle hair, and related to a ghosts or mystery and may be the inspiration.
  • Shauntal's Pokémon have a secondary type which seems to be based on the four classical elements with Chandelure being Fire, Golurk being Earth, Drifblim being Air, and Jellicent being Water.
  • With the exception of Golurk, who is genderless, all of Shauntal's Pokémon are female.
  • Shauntal sometimes carries around with her a pen and a blank book so that way she could write the next chapter of her story.
  • Golurk is her only Pokémon not to know the move Shadow Ball and is her only genderless Pokémon.
  • A part of Shauntal's name is "haunt" which is something ghosts are known for when they don't cross over.
  • She is the third female Elite Four member to use Ghost-type Pokémon. The other two being Phoebe and Agatha.
  • She gets her stories based on her Pokémon team.
  • Cofagrigus (along with Banette and Mismagius in B2W2) is her only pure Ghost-type Pokémon.
  • She mentions Volkner, a challenger she battled in the past.

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