トリP Tri-P
Shauna's Furfrou
Trainer: Shauna
Debut: An X-cuse to Come Out and Play
Current location: With Shauna

This Furfrou, nicknamed Tri-P, is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Shauna.


Tri-P was seen alongside Neco-P and its trainer near X's house. They watched Y trying to coerce X to come out, but she failed.[1] Tri-P was seen to be flung in the air by the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal, to which she later promised to find it.[2]

Celosia made an illusion of her being a Furfrou groomer and a Furfrou, were Shauna thought it was her own, in order to control her mind with her Honedge.[3]

Tri-P was at the Pokémon Village, living among the Pokémon that were abused by their trainers.[4] Tri-P was chained up to one of the stone pillars on Route 10. It noticed Delphox and realized it was the Fennekin that arrived to Vaniville Town, but evolved. Tri-P tried to get Delphox's attention, but failed.[5] Team Flare started to absorb the Pokémon's life energy, including Tri-P's, for the Ultimate Weapon. However, Team Flare was stopped by Clemont, Bonnie, Alexa, Viola and Yvette.[6] Tri-P, after the battle, was rescued. However, it would not abandon Delphox, who was defeated, so the group took Delphox along, too.[7]

The group brought Tri-P back to Shauna, who was ecstatic to see her lost Pokémon returned. Tri-P remained with her, and Shauna trimmed it into La-Reine style.[7]

Known moves

None of Furfrou's moves are known.


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