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Mine Blue Shard
Mine Green Shard
Mine Red Shard
Mine Yellow Shard
are items needed to be used to exchange to people such as the Move Relearner so the player's Pokémon can remember its move. These items were introduced in Generation III.

Shards can be traded to the Diving Treasure Hunter on Route 124 for Evolution Stones. Blue shards for a Water Stone, yellow for a Thunder Stone, green for a Leaf Stone, and red for a Fire Stone. Shards can also be traded to Hikers underground who give the player an item in exchange. They can be traded for weather TMs on Route 212. Or by Mr. Fuego in Fuego Ironworks for a Star Piece if the player trades one to him per color. Jugglers in Violet City and Fuchsia City trade the player for berries in exchange of shards. These items are found underwater in the Hoenn region games, underground in the Sinnoh region ones, and smashing rocks in the Johto region. All can be bought for Poké Dollar3000 and sold for Poké Dollar100.


Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Versions ( Sinnoh regions)

The description is the same for each colour. Red*, Blue*, Yellow* and Green*

A small ......... shard. It appears to be from some sort of implement made long ago.

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