The Secret Key is a Key Item in the Sinnoh region games which allows the player to access a special room in Galactic Eterna Building which leads him/her to the Rotom Room. This item was introduced during Generation IV and with the key it gives the player access to five devices which can change Rotom's form at will. It is one of four Sinnoh based event items, alongside the Member Card, the Azure Flute and Oak's Letter.

Event Distribution

Wi-Fi Events

  • Japan - September 28th 2008 to November 4th 2008
  • North America - January 16th 2009 to March 2nd 2009
  • PAL - June 8th 2009 to July 19th 2009
  • Korea - July 6th to August 31st 2009

Real Life Distributions

  • North America - April 19th 2009 to April 26th 2009
  • Australia - June 25th 2009 to July 19th 2009
  • New Zealand - August 8th 2009 to August 9th 2009
  • Korea - July 4th 2009 to July 5th 2009 and July 24th 2009 to July 26th 2009


  • The Secret Key shares its name with an object from the Kanto region. In Kanto, the Secret Key is used to enter the locked Cinnabar Island Gym. This feature is also present in its remake.
  • The Secret Key item also resembles the head of Rotom.
  • This event item is the first in which it can be received from both Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and through transferral between two DS devices.


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