The SecretPotion (ひでんのくすり Secret Medicine) is a unique form of medicine exclusively distributed by the Pharmacy in Cianwood City. It is known to be able to heal any Pokémon's sickness, most notably to cure Jasmine's Ampharos.


Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

At Cianwood City's Pharmacy, in order to cure Jasmine's Amphy of its sickness.

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

From Champion Cynthia at the Valor Lakefront, in order to disperse the crowd of migraine-stricken Psyduck blocking Route 210.


Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

To heal Jasmine's Ampharos at Glitter Lighthouse in Olivine City.

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

To get rid of the Psyduck blocking the entrance to Route 210.


  • Despite being known respectively as a potion for its medicinal capabilities, the SecretPotion cannot be used by the Trainer's Pokémon, mainly due to the fact that it is categorized as a Key Item.

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