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The Sealed Chamber is located on Route 134, between Pacifidlog Town and Slateport City. It opens the entrance to the Regis' caves. The language on the rocks are Braille. After opening the doors to the Golem Trio's caves, they can be accessible.


  1. First get a Wailord, Relicanth, and a Pokémon that knows Dig. You must maneuver your way through the currents of Route 134 to find a square-shaped patch of Dive-able spot.
  2. Dive down and go to the back of the underwater cave.
  3. Use dive directly after reading the Braille.
  4. You should then be in the Sealed Chamber.
  5. Go to the front and stand in the middle of the Braille in the front.
  6. Read it and then use Dig. It should open a tunnel - enter and you'll be in the second room.
  7. Go to the front again of the room you just entered, put Wailord in the last place of your party and Relicanth in the front. Read the Braille in the front and it should say that a rumbling sound came from away. The the trio's caves are now open.


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