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Seafoam Islands
ふたごじま Twin Islands
"Two small islands lightly floating in the ocean."
Seafoam Islands Eyecatch
Location info
Region: Kanto
Connecting routes: ← West Route 20
→ East Route 20
Kanto Seafoam Islands Map
Location of Seafoam Islands in Kanto.
Gym info
Name: Seafoam Islands Gym
Leader: Blaine
Type(s): [[File:Type Fire]]
Badge: [[File:{{{badgeimage}}}|50px]]
[[Gym Badges#Volcano Badge Volcanobadge|Volcano Badge Volcanobadge]]
Pokémon Gyms

Articuno in Generation III games.

The Seafoam Islands are a pair of islands found in the sea between Cinnabar Island and Fuchsia City. The islands are identical in appearance and connect to form a system of caves. In the bottom of the caverns, Articuno can be found and batted. In Generation II, the islands are the location of Blaine's gym, as he was forced to move his gym as a result of the eruption of Cinnabar Island's volcano. Pokémon here include Seel, Dewgong, Golbat, Psyduck, and Golduck.


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