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(エニシダ Enishida)
Gender: Male
Region: Hoenn
Friends: Brendan/May, Hoenn Frontier Brains
Class: None
First Appearance: Emerald

Scott is a character that first appeared in Emerald as the owner and scout for the Hoenn Battle Frontier. He eagerly eggs on the player to compete at the Battle Frontier and become a champion.


Scott is a short, chubby man with thick, short black curly hair, a rounded face and sticking out ears. He wears a loose fitting shirt with a floral pattern, shorts, and sunglasses that obscure his eyes. He is also shown wearing his PokéNav on a lanyard around his neck.


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Main article: Scott (Adventures)

In Pokémon Emerald version, Scott appears as the founder of the Battle Frontier in the Emerald chapter of Pokémon Adventures. He also makes a small appearance in the Ruby and Sapphire chapter during the fight between Groudon and Kyogre.

Ash & Pikachu

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Battle Frontier

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Main article: Scott (anime)

Scott appears in the anime when Ash battles the Battle Frontier in Hoenn. He gives them a personal tour and tells them he is the owner of the Battle Frontier. After Ash beats Pyramid King Brandon, Scott asks Ash if he wants to become a Frontier Brain. Ash declined stating that he wants to become the world's greatest Pokémon Master. He built the Battle Facilites to expand the art of Pokémon Battle. His English name comes from the word "scout" which he does well. He scouts for a new challengers and offers the person who beat all Frontier Brain the title of Frontier Brain. He came with Ash because he knew he could defeat all of the Frontier Brains. He appeared in; The Scheme Team, Numero Uno Articuno, Gathering The Gang Of Four!, and Pace - The Final Frontier!.

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