The Scarf Guy is a person in the Sinnoh region games who resides in Pastoria City. He lives with his own sister and a Pachirisu and he has the Massage Lady as his girlfriend in Veilstone City. The Scarf Guy checks out if the player's Pokémon is in good condition to see if it is worthy to have its own scarf. If the Pokémon's condition is maxed out, the Scarf Guy will give the player the corresponding scarf based on it Contest-type.

The Scarf Guy only gives one scarf to the player's Pokémon based upon its type. If the Pokémon has maxed out Cool stats, it will obtain a Red Scarf, while if it is Beauty then it will obtain a Blue Scarf, if it is maxed out on Cute then it will obtain a Pink Scarf, if it is maxed out on Smart then it will obtain a Green Scarf, and finally if it is maxed out on Tough then it will obtain a Yellow Scarf.

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