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When they are used in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Scanner Orbs reveal the location of all items on the current floor.
Orb Sprite

Locations in Explorers of Time, Darkness, & Sky

Scanner Orbs can appear on all floors of Waterfall Cave, Apple Woods, Foggy Forest, Serenity River, Lush Prarie, Chasm Cave, Dark Hill, Sealed Ruin, Dusk Forest, Treeshroud Forest, Brine Cave, Hidden Land, Temporal Tower, Mystifying Forest, Shimmer Hill, Midnight Forest, Lost Wilderness, Mt. Mistral, Sky Peak, Blizzard Island, Crevice Cave, Mt. Avalanche, Giant Volcano, World Abyss, Sky Stairway, Labyrinth Cave, Surrounded Sea, Miracle Sea, The Nightmare, Spacial Rift, & Dark Crater.

  • Star Cave (all floors & shops 9F-15F)
  • Mystery Jungle (all floors & any shop)
  • Bottomless Sea (1F-48F)
  • Marine Resort (all floors & any shop)
  • Oblivion Forest (all floors & any shop)
  • Treacherous Waters (all floors & shops 16F-19F)
  • Southeastern Islands (all floors & any shop)
  • Inferno Cave (all floors & any shop)
  • Zero Isle East (all floors & any shop)
  • Zero Isle West (all floors & any shop except 14F & 29F)
  • Zero Isle South (all floors except 20F & shops 1F-89F
  • Destiny Tower (all floors except 20F & any shop)

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