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Sawyer's Slurpuff
ショータのペロリーム Shoota's Peroriimu
Sawyer's Slurpuff
Trainer: Sawyer
Gender: Female[1]
Debut: Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!
Current location: With Sawyer

This Slurpuff is a Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Sawyer.


XY075 15

Slurpuff knocked out.

Slurpuff first appeared when she was sent to help find Sawyer's notebook. Slurpuff found the notebook in Team Rocket's possession and used her tongue to take it back to Sawyer. He was then used to battle Ash's Hawlucha, using Electro Ball on Hawlucha. Hawlucha dodged and used Karate Chop and Flying Press, defeating Slurpuff.[2]

Slurpuff battled at the Lumiose Conference against Tierno. She used Attract on his Raichu and made him immobilized by love. After Raichu got hit by Slurpuff's Energy Ball, while still immobilized from the Attract, Tierno called Raichu back in place of Blastoise. After spinning around to block Slurpuff's Attract, Blastoise managed to defeat Slurpuff with Hydro Cannon.[3]

Slurpuff was used in the Semi-finals against Ash and went up against his Goodra. Using Flamethrower, Slurpuff collided with Goodra's Ice Beam. Goodra took Slurpuff's Dazzling Gleam, then used Bide to absorb her Fairy Wind. To protect herself, Slurpuff used Cotton Guard before Goodra fired Bide. After another collision of Ice Beam and Flamethrower, Slurpuff traced Goodra by smelling it amidst the smoke, then fired Fairy Wind, a strategy Sawyer copied from Noivern. To finish it off, Slurpuff launched Flamethrower, while Goodra used Bide. However, Sawyer was surprised Goodra endured the attack and defeated Slurpuff with Bide before fainting to her Fairy Wind.[4]

While coming back to Pallet Town, Ash recalled his battle at the Kalos League against Sawyer and his Pokémon.[5]

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Sawyer's Slurpuff Electro Ball
Electro Ball - Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!
Attract Valuable Experience for All!
Energy Ball Valuable Experience for All!
Flamethrower + A Riveting Rivalry!
Dazzling Gleam + A Riveting Rivalry!
Fairy Wind + A Riveting Rivalry!
Cotton Guard + A Riveting Rivalry!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

Voice actresses



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