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Saturn's Toxicroak (anime)

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Saturn's Toxicroak
Saturn's Dokuroggu
Saturn's Toxicroak
Trainer: Saturn
Ability: Anticipation (not yet activated)
Debut: DP069: Enter Galactic!

Saturn's Toxicroak is Saturn's main Pokémon.


Toxicroak first appeared in Veilstone City when Team Galactic attempted to steal a bunch of meteorites. Toxicroak instantly formed a fierce rivalry with Brock's Croagunk. The two of them were at each other's throats from the moment they saw each other and their rivalry seemed to go beyond the fact that they were on opposite sides. Croagunk even went so far as to ignore Brock's advances on women whenever it sensed that Toxicroak was around and their rivalry intensified when Toxicroak almost killed Croagunk by smashing him through a skylight and then stabbing him in the stomach with Poison Jab.

Toxicroak was often seen by Saturn's side and was present in almost all of his appearances, showing great loyalty to Saturn despite his evil intentions.

Toxicrak was able to defeat Gary's Umbreon and Electivire at the same time, an incredible feat considering that Gary used to be one of the most powerful trainers of his generation and Umbreon and Electivire were two of his strongest Pokémon. During her final confrontation with Croagunk, Croagunk finally managed to defeat Toxicroak with a devastating Brick Break to the head, ending their rivalry.

It is unknown what happened to Toxicroak after Saturn was arrested.

Known moves

Move Episode
Saturn's Toxicroak Dark Pulse
Sludge Bomb + Enter Galactic!
Dark Pulse + Enter Galactic!
Poison Jab + Losing Its Lustrous
Rock Smash Gateway to Ruin!
X-Scissor + The Needs of the Three!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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