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* [[Mismagius]]
* [[Mismagius]]
* [[Luxray]]
* [[Luxray]]
* [[Baby Kangaskhan]] (Mystery Dungeon Only)
* [[Kangaskhan|Baby Kangaskhan]] (Mystery Dungeon Only)
* [[Medicham]] (Mystery Dungeon)
* [[Medicham]] (Mystery Dungeon)
* [[Budew]]
* [[Budew]]

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Sarah Natochenny
Sarah Natochenny
Birth Date: September 20, 1987
Country: USA
Language: English
Notable Character(s): Ash Ketchum
[[Category:{{{gender}}} Voice Cast Members]]Sarah Natochenny is a voice actress who previously dubbed at the TAJ Productions studio and is now dubbing at the DuArt Film & Video studio with all the other voice actors for the new Pokémon anime. Natochenny joined the Pokémon anime starting with the redub of the Mirage Special where she dubbed over Jamie Peacock as Ash. She has also played other characters in Season 10. She also reprised the role of Ash for Seasons 9 through 15.

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