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Sap Sipper is an ability that raises the Pokémon's Attack stat if hit with a Grass-type attack. It also nullifies the damage from that attack. Pokémon that have this ability are mostly Normal types.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#183 Marill 183 Type Water Dream World
#184 Azumarill 184 Type Water Dream World
#203 Girafarig 203 Type NormalType Psychic Dream World
#234 Stantler 234 Type Normal Dream World
#241 Miltank 241 Type Normal Dream World
#298 Azurill 298 Type Normal Dream World
#522 Blitzle 522 Type Electric Dream World
#523 Zebstrika 523 Type Electric Dream World
#585 Deerling 585585A585B585C Type NormalType Grass Natural
#586 Sawsbuck 586586A586B586C Type NormalType Grass Natural
#626 Bouffalant 626 Type Normal Natural

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