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|name = Santalune City Gym
|name = Santalune City Gym
|leader = Viola
|leader = Viola
|badge = Bug Badge
|badge = Bug
|region = Kalos
|region = Kalos
|city = Santalune City}}
|city = Santalune City}}

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Santalune City Gym
Gym Leader: Viola
Badge: Bugbadge
Type: Type Bug
Region: Kalos
City: Santalune City

The Santalune City Gym is a Gym located in Santalune City.

Upon entering, the player will notice that the Gym is a photo museum with a pole in the middle. This pole leads to the Gym itself. The gym floor is a giant spider web the player must traverse in order to reach the Gym Leader. Behind Viola is a stairway that leads to a secret entryway back to the top floor of the Gym.


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  • The Santalune Gym differs from the first Gyms of each region as the path to the Gym Leader is not a simple one.

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