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Once a year Santa will give away gifts to all good childen who believe in him. His only appearence was SL 65: Holiday Hi-Jynx / Rougela's Christmas!!


Santa's Jynx was separated from Santa when cleaning his boot near the edge of the ice. A piece of ice which Jynx was standing on broke off and floated away, carrying Jynx with it.

Santa's Lapras safely guided Ash to the place where Santa lives. It can communicate with humans using telepathy.

Santa's Ponyta pulls the sleigh when Santa travels to give good children their presents.

Santa's Delibird was getting presents ready for Christmas delivery when Ash's Totodile knocked it out with a large snowball and all its presents got spread around a large area. With the help of all the Pokémon, Santa's Delibird was able to retrieve all the missing presents in time for Christmas delivery.

Santa's Stantler was seen pulling Santa's sled on Christmas. This Stantler is different than most as it has the ability to fly.

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